Keller Williams Now World's Largest Real Estate Franchise by Agent Count

Company Announces Executive Leadership Transition; Expansion Into Costa Rica And Spain

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (February 9, 2016) - After another record-setting year of growth, productivity and profitability gains, Keller Williams announced it has become the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. 

The Austin, Texas-based company added a net gain of 17,000 associates in 2014, increasing its worldwide associate count to more than 112,000. "We're #1 and we've just begun," co-founder and Chairman Gary Keller said.

Keller also announced an executive leadership transition, with Chris Heller becoming CEO and John Davis stepping in as president. Heller and Davis succeed legendary Keller Williams leaders Mark Willis and Mary Tennant, who are joining Keller and Vice Chairman Mo Anderson on the company's board of directors. The executive transition is only the third major leadership change in the privately held company's 32-year history.
"Keller Williams truly is a company built by agents for agents," Davis said. "We're all agents. And we share the same mindset, values and vision."

The announcement was made during Family Reunion, the company's annual training and networking convention. More than 10,000 Keller Williams associates attended a special session focused on the State of the Company, with thousands more participating via watch parties from Keller Williams market centers around the world.
"We are honored, we are humbled and we are excited to get to work with you to lead Keller Williams to new opportunities," Heller told the crowd.

For three years, Heller and Davis have been preparing for their new leadership roles. As president of KW Worldwide, Heller launched the first Keller Williams regions outside of North America. During the State of the Company presentation, Heller welcomed hundreds of international guests from more than 20 countries and introduced two new regions — KW Costa Rica and KW Spain. He also reported that last year the number of associates outside of North America more than doubled and the number of market centers more than tripled.

As vice president of growth, Davis has led the regions and a companywide recruiting and accountability initiative that has fueled historic agent count, productivity and profitability gains. Working with local and regional leaders, the Growth Initiative has increased the company's agent base by one-third in the past two years. "We have the best systems and models. We have the best training and coaching. We have the best people and culture. And we're thrilled to have the best leaders to guide us through the next chapters in our extraordinary history," Keller said.

During a dynamic, high-energy presentation featuring the success stories of individual agents, Heller and Davis announced that the company's associates had outpaced the industry and shattered Keller Williams records in 2014:
  • Transactions increased 16 percent to more than 700,000 units
  • Sales volume was up 17 percent to $185 billion
  • Commissions earned increased by 16 percent to almost $5 billion

The extraordinary productivity gains, which were powered by the company's focus on training and technology, drove profitability for franchise owners (owner profit was up 22 percent year over year) and contributed to historic Profit Share distributions to associates. Each month that a market center is profitable, roughly half of its profits are returned to the associates who have helped the company grow. Ninety-eight percent of offices were profitable for the year — an astonishingly high figure for franchise businesses.

Moreover, the company shared more than $98 million with associates through Profit Share and Growth Share — an increase of 25 percent over 2013. Since the program's inception in 1996, the company has distributed more than $573 million in profits with associates. Profit share per agent has almost tripled over the past five years. "The opportunity to lead Keller Williams is a tremendous honor," Heller said. "And we're going to work hard for you every single day. We understand it's what you do that fuels your success and ensures our collective success. And it's thanks to you that we've become the largest real estate franchise in the world and are on the path to becoming the worldwide leader in transactions and sales volume."

Davis emphasized the company's commitment to helping agents succeed in their local markets. "It's what you're doing in your local market that is building your business and making you the real estate expert of choice," he said. "And that means more opportunity for you and more opportunities for your family. Keller Williams is committed to creating deeper and more determined pathways for you to succeed faster."

About Keller Williams Realty, Inc.:
Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world, with approximately 700 offices and 120,000 associates in more than a dozen countries around the world. In 2015, Keller Williams was named the No. 1 training organization across all industries in the world by Training magazine. The company has grown exponentially since the opening of the first Keller Williams Realty office in 1983, and continues to cultivate an agent-centric, education-based, technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders. The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes, commercial and farm and ranch properties. For more information or to search for homes for sale visit Keller Williams Realty online at ( For more information about KWWorldwide, please visit



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By Allison Sledge


"Growing up as a ‘Military Brat’ I’ve always had a passion for helping Military families find their next home. I know firsthand how difficult it can be moving to a new area and not know anyone."
— Irene Cruz

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2016 / -- Irene Cruz is a devoted and dedicated REALTOR® at Keller Williams Realty in Federal Way, Washington. 

She services Pierce, Thurston and King Counties. She is driven by integrity, honesty and strong work ethics.

Irene was born in Hagåtña, Guam, the first of eight children. Her father, Pak, was an E-3 in the Air Force, stationed at Anderson Air Force Base at the time.

When Irene was three years old, her family, including her two younger siblings, David and Rosemarie, transferred to F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where her mother, Rose, gave birth to a baby boy named Bernard before PCS’ing to Spain.

Irene’s father served at Morón Air Base in Seville, near the town of Morón de la Frontera. Irene says, “I have very fond memories of Spain. My little brother Tom was born there. Back then it was affordable for my mom to hire a nanny, gardener and housekeeper. My parents were very social and loved to go out square dancing. Our nanny and housekeeper were sisters and they lived with us. I woke up every morning to the smell of homemade bread that they made. I had the best of both worlds because they were like second moms to me. I also got to see “live” bull-fighting and the Spanish Castañeda dancers, which I was in awe of! I will never forget when Lola and Carmen (nanny and housekeeper) took us to see the King and Queen of Spain at a festival which honors them. It was very memorable for us. We were truly blessed to be able to experience all that we did.”

Irene’s family then transferred to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California for three years.

Shortly thereafter, Irene’s father got orders to go to Okinawa, Japan to serve at Kadena Air Force Base. “It was a more formal atmosphere there and it was the first time I ever tried Japanese food,” Irene recalls, “I absolutely loved to go downtown and observe all of the different shops. My favorite treat was the rice candy with a toy in the box! We also had another addition to our family while we were in Okinawa, my younger brother, Charles.”

Irene’s father received orders to go back to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. It was there where her youngest brother Paul was born.

Irene’s father worked for the General in Administration and was stationed back to Guam. She says, “I went into culture shock. We stayed at my dad’s parents’ house because my dad took a tour of Vietnam for a year. It was a big house overlooking the Pacific Ocean and we went from sleeping in beds to sleeping on floor mats on a wooden floor because there was not enough room with so many kids. My little sister, Noreen, was born after my father returned from Vietnam. I learned to love my experience there because my grandpa made fishing nets while he sat on a hammock. It was my favorite place to be. He also had chicken coops and raised chickens and roosters. We always had fresh eggs. My grandma baked everything in a stone oven which made everything taste so delicious. I am so grateful for the wonderful memories of my time in Guam with my family.”

At the tender age of nineteen, Irene met her first husband who served in the Army in Guam. They married and he got orders to go to Fort Lewis, Washington. She was a stay-at-home mom, raising her two children, P.J. and Teshia. They transferred to Hawaii where Irene enrolled at Honolulu Community College to study Early Childhood Education. She became a pre-school teacher.

Irene’s family then moved back to Washington where she went to school for Medical Administration and worked for the VA Hospital. A year after she and her husband parted ways, Irene met her new love and married her husband, Joe, and they had their son Trevor shortly thereafter.

Irene soon began working for the City of Tacoma as a Court Specialist. She held this position for nine years and decided to leave after the Judge retired.

It was at this time that Irene expressed an interest in going into Real Estate. She says. “I always wanted to be in Real Estate because of traveling so much. I loved all aspects of architecture and I was fascinated with design and homes, so I took online courses and exams, obtained my license and began working at Windermere. I felt like I accomplished one of my goals in life and I loved it!”

In 2010, Irene moved back to Guam and it was there that she earned her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification. “Growing up as a ‘Military Brat’ I’ve always had a passion for helping Military families find their next home. I know firsthand how difficult it can be moving to a new area and not know anyone. I want to be that person for them.”

Irene serves the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) community, which is home to the I Corps and the 62d Airlift Wing located nine miles southwest of Tacoma. The facility is an amalgamation of the United States Army's Fort Lewis and the United States Air Force's McChord Air Force Base which merged on 1 February 2010 into a Joint Base as a result of Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommendations of 2005.

Irene says, “Tacoma, Washington is a great place to live and the Pierce County communities are very unique. Many areas display jaw-dropping views of the snow-covered Olympic Mountain ranges, Mount Rainier and Puget Sound. We also have the Emerald Queen Casino, Foss Waterway Seaport, Tacoma Chinese Park, Owen Beach, Cheney Stadium, Washington State History Museum, Tacoma Art Museum and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, just to name a few.”

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent’ Irene Cruz, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Irene Cruz
Keller Williams
(253) 256-8175
[email protected]

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"Military families and Veterans are the backbone of the brave men and women who serve this nation. I am honored to help them find homes when deployed or relocating to the Greater New Orleans Area."
— Joyce Albert

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA , UNITED STATES, September 10, 2016 / -- Joyce Albert is a knowledgeable, masterful Real Estate agent/broker at Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals in Slidell, Louisiana.

Slidell is situated on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in St. Tammany Parish, approximately ten miles across Lake Pontchartrain from the famed and beloved City of New Orleans.

Joyce was born in Kansas City, Missouri. At age 6 her family moved to Memphis, TN, then a number of other places, and finally settled in Kansas City, Kansas where Joyce graduated from Wyandotte High School. She recalls, “It was an amazing school. The campus (24 acres) was more like a small college than a high school, and the curriculum was phenomenal. I feel fortunate to have experienced such a unique learning experience at such a young age.”

Upon graduation, Joyce attended Kansas City, Missouri Jr. College because, “I wanted to be a teacher” she says, “I admired teachers to no end. I was always a good student and I loved school with a passion.” However, due to finances, Joyce had to set aside her dream of being a teacher, and enrolled in business school instead. Here she aced double-entry bookkeeping. Joyce says, “It was so linear and logical, and since I’ve always loved mathematics, it was super easy for me!”

While in business school, Joyce was working as a waitress when she met the most handsome man, a Navy officer who happened to be stationed at the Olathe Naval Air Station just south of Kansas City. “Herb looked so damn good in his uniform, and had a quiet, shy quality about him,” she fondly reminisces. “So when he finally got up the courage to ask me for a date, and the manager said I’d have to work that night or be fired, I quit! Guess I just knew he was worth it.”

A year later, Herb discharged from the service and moved back to his hometown, New Orleans. A short time later, Joyce decided to join Herb in the Crescent City where they had a storybook wedding, replete with everything that a grand wedding entails.

They soon bought a home and Joyce became a stay at home mom to their two children, Jeff and Jenny. She says, “It was absolutely wonderful. Almost every day I would take them on my bicycle to get groceries, or over to the park to play. I really enjoyed those early years with my kids… memories I will cherish forever.”

When the children began pre-school, Joyce decided to register at the University of New Orleans to complete her degree. However, this time she majored in Accounting, a decision that has taken her far in her career.

Joyce’s life didn’t work out exactly as planned, and eventually she and Herb divorced. It was shortly thereafter, that Joyce was hired by a local Trucking Company as an accountant. She says, “I’d finish my work and ask my boss, who was a CPA, what else can I do? Well, luckily for me, he handed off so much of his spreadsheets and general ledger duties, that over time I learned most of the components of his job… or at least all the accounting functions. So when he was later laid off and I was asked if I could do his job, I said of course! And what I didn’t know, I’d learn. So they made me the Controller, and from there I started learning the rest of what I didn’t know about the trucking business.”

At this time, it was highly unusual for a woman to be in such a position in what was still a man’s world. Joyce says, “I started learning everything there was to know about 18-wheelers – things like ‘5th wheels’, ‘headache racks’ and ‘deadheading’. We had 80 over-the-road trucks, 120 flatbeds, and a 24-hour shop to keep up with it all. So when the owners asked about computerizing our operation, I was all in. We bought a mainframe IBM System 36 (for all you old-school computer geeks out there) and integrated all of the dispatch/sales operations, driver payrolls, and shop inventory/repairs - all feeding into one very sophisticated accounting system. What an adventure!”

Ultimately, Joyce became the General Manager and Executive Vice President of that company. So years later when the company was sold, with all of her knowledge and experience, it was only natural that she stayed in transportation. Joyce took over an intermodal trucking company at the Port of New Orleans moving import/export shipping containers to and from the port.

As everyone knows, Hurricane Katrina was a game changer for many people living in the greater New Orleans area, including Joyce. It was shortly thereafter that Joyce decided to slow it down. She left trucking to become a Real Estate agent. “I welcomed the change of pace, as well as the freedom and flexibility to work my own hours. I was finally able to spend more time with my family, especially my grandchildren.” It was only a matter of time before she obtained her Broker’s license simply because, as she put it, “I wanted to find out what I didn’t know.”

Having been a Military Spouse, Joyce was delighted when she discovered that the National Association of REALTORS® offered a Certification for Military Relocation Professionals. She says, “It was a natural pipeline that I needed to tap into. Growing up, we moved 8 times by the time I was 16. So I know what it is to change schools and not know anyone, or try to fit into a new house that doesn’t quite fit you. That’s why I go out of my way to know who my clients are and what’s important to them, then try to fit them with the right house… the one that feels like home."

For more information about "Military Friendly Agent" Joyce Albert, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Joyce Albert, Realtor® and Broker
Cell: 504-451-8343
[email protected]
Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals
Office: 985-649-6333
Slidell, LA
Licensed in the States of LA and MS
All offices independently owned and operated

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Egypt Sherrod ~ Keller Williams Cityside - Atlanta, Georgia - Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Press Release 
By Allison Sledge


Egypt Sherrod Is The Host Of The Home And Garden Television Hit Shows "Property Virgins" And "Flipping Virgins"

"There is nothing I wouldn’t do for our Military families. I love and respect them tremendously because of the extreme sacrifices the entire family makes to protect and serve America."
— Egypt Sherrod

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, December 1, 2015 /EIN
-- Egypt Sherrod, the amazingly beautiful host of HGTV’s popular shows, “Property Virgins” and "Flipping Virgins" has become a household name - with millions of viewers tuning in each week to see her in action. However, she is quick to say, “First of all, I am a Real Estate agent. I am not acting and that’s important for everyone to know. I have been licensed in New Jersey for many years and I’ve since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.”

In an episode entitled “Emma & Claire,” the viewers are invited along to watch as Emma, a leasing consultant, and her sister Claire, go house hunting for the first time with Egypt while Emma’s fiancée, Jack, is thousands of miles away in the Navy, stationed in Washington State.

Egypt says, “Jack qualified for a VA loan which offers long-term financing for U.S. Veterans and takes away the need for any down-payment, so I am very excited to help Emma and Jack find their first house. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for our Military families and Jack and Emma are getting married in just a few months. They want to buy a house before their wedding, so it is up to Emma to find their perfect home in Atlanta and I have a lot of great places to show them.”

One of the first things Egypt asked Emma was what both she and Jack wanted in terms of their ideal home. Emma said that her biggest priority was a large kitchen with an island and a backyard large enough for her to plant a vegetable garden. Jack’s major concern was having an acre of land and a ‘man-cave.’

As a soon-to-be- Military spouse, Emma was having her first taste of the relocation process. She immediately skyped Jack, telling him, “It's kinda hard trying to do everything long distance, trying to remember everything that you want in a house and I’m really hoping that you trust me to do that.”

Egypt, ever the optimist, shows Emma and her sister Claire the first choice of houses in Canton and Emma immediately falls in love with it - yet she still wants to see other houses before she makes a decision to buy.

Egypt gently reminds Emma of the reality of being a first-time “virgin” property owner and says, “Although the market quickly turned into a seller’s market, some of the outskirts of Atlanta are still trying to trickle up. I think they’re still a little high, but they’ve only been on the market for about two weeks, so they haven’t felt it yet.”

Egypt then proceeds to take Emma and Claire to another desired neighborhood, Ball Ground, where they see plenty of other beautiful houses. Nonetheless, Emma was very attached to the first house in Canton and couldn’t be moved or persuaded to consider anything else.

Egypt reflects on the emotional attachment that she sees every day with her clients. “Despite all of the beautiful homes available, sometimes you just can’t beat the personal connection.”

Emma wanted to make an offer on the Canton home, but the deal took an unexpected turn. Egypt had to inform her that there were now five other offers on the table. With her soothing, compassionate and comforting voice, Egypt tells Emma, “It’s never easy to hear that a million other people want to make an offer on your house and I say YOUR house because we’re going to claim it. So, the way I’ve done this in the past – and it always tends to work for me – is to go in, max out, and on the back end we can protect it by the appraisal. Your only chance of truly getting this house is to max out.”

As often happens in the rollercoaster of Real Estate transactions in progress, the seller decided to wait until he had all five offers on the table within 24 hours and would take the highest bid, of course. Now, it was a waiting game.

Egypt Sherrod has never been the type of person to wait. She is fond of saying to work on Plan B while you’re working on Plan A until you find Plan C to work them all together.

Egypt is a National Television, Radio Personality, Author, Speaker and Home Space Expert. With over 15 years as an accomplished Realtor, Egypt has been named ‘America's Most Beloved Real Estate Agent.’ She says, “I started in Radio when I was 18, hosting a Jazz Radio show. Then I got my first, real, full-time job in Radio as a Music Director. I was the youngest Music director in the country, in Philadelphia at age 19, and I was on air as well. So I was earning enough to start thinking about how I was going to make my money work for me. You see, while everyone else was buying pocketbooks and shoes, I was buying properties."

Egypt flipped her first property in Newark, New Jersey. It was a dilapidated three-family home. When she saw how much she profited from that, she said, “Oh, this is cool. So I can use my Radio salary to live, and the money I make from Real Estate can go towards retirement.”

Egypt then started building and nesting for herself and that’s when she really got bit by the Real Estate bug. She stresses that money is just a tool. “Money is a tool to help us realize our dreams” she explains, “Money shouldn’t be the dream. We are not what we do for a living and I remind myself of that every day. My husband understands that. I am not my career. It’s what I do – it’s what I love and I’m fortunate enough to be able to earn a living doing so – but I’m much more than what I do to earn a living."

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Egypt Sherrod, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Egypt Sherrod
(770) 874-6200
Keller Williams Cityside
[email protected]

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Catherine Jouet ~ Keller Williams Metro - Alexandria, Virginia - The Pentagon

Press Release

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“My service to my Country is to assist Military families who have made great sacrifices for our Country to be able to live comfortably in their own homes."
— Catherine Jouet

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, USA, February 10, 2016 / --  Catherine Jouet is a highly regarded top-producing agent with Keller Williams Realty in Alexandria, Virginia.

Catherine accomplished over $10 million in sales in 2016 and was named a TOP REAL ESTATE AGENT by Northern Virginia magazine. Catherine also holds an Associate Broker license in Virginia and is a member of the Institute of Luxury Homes Marketing.

Catherine says “One thing for sure is that I have great respect and admiration for the Military. My dad served in the Air Force and my Grandfather was a career Army Officer who served in WWII and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Now 97 years old, he was recently flown in on an honor flight for the WWII Memorial Ceremony. I truly sympathize with the life and careers of Military families. I understand the planning aspect and how important it is, especially if you have a family, to be able to understand the bigger picture of the community you are moving into. Life can be extremely complicated where I live and it takes a lot of planning, so I want to help. I have a commuting app that I share with my clients to make this process easier for those who are moving to my area who have no idea of the reality of living here.”

Catherine’s service areas include, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Del Ray and many areas of Maryland and Washington DC attractive to Military professionals because of their proximity to Military bases. She is able to accommodate clients in the entire tri-state area and has relationships with other Military friendly Realtors in the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach/Norfolk area of the state for those needing referral advice.

When Catherine and her family moved to the Fort Hunt area of Virginia in 2010, she transferred her license to Keller Williams, a company that prides itself on serving our Military.

Catherine is an active volunteer in the local schools and a regular sponsor of local sports teams. She is also passionate about animal welfare and volunteers with a local dog rescue. With her extensive social and professional network, Catherine has a wealth of resources to provide her clients with the latest information on local communities.

Catherine is from Mobile, Alabama where she enjoyed spending time at her grandparents’ home on the waters of Mobile Bay. She loved the family time together swimming, fishing on the pier, barbequing and watching the sunsets.

After graduating from college in North Carolina and spending some time overseas as a Fulbright teaching scholar, Catherine married her long time beau Jason and they moved to Washington D.C. - where Jason worked at the Naval Research Laboratory and Catherine secured a position at Georgetown University where she recruited MBA students from around the globe for the highly ranked McDonough School of Business.

In 2004, while Jason was working for the Navy as a scientist at the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center, they welcomed their two beautiful children into the world, Emmett and Lindsay, and Catherine stayed at home to raise them. At the time, the family lived on Capitol Hill where Catherine recalls the home-buying process. “I found it very interesting” she says, “We bought a home right by the Metro in Hill East. I was fascinated by the whole process. I liked my Realtor and I eventually went to work for him.”

Catherine is proud to have earned the badge of a “Military Friendly Realtor®" and invites potential clients to read her reviews and ask for references. Catherine’s team offers incentives for active and Veteran members of the armed forces who buy and sell a home with them.

For More Information About Catherine Jouet ~ Please Visit These Important Websites:[email protected]

Media Contact:
Catherine Jouet
Keller Williams Metro Center
(202) 288-9524
[email protected]

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Cecilia Cook ~ Keller Williams - Knoxville, Tennessee - McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base (MTAB); Tennessee Army National Guard Knoxville; 278th Army CalvaryDelta Company 4th CEB

Press Release

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"I love working with Military families and Veterans. Having lived my life in a Military family, I understand the unique needs that are required when they are looking to buy or sell a home."
— Cecilia Cook

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, December 1, 2016 / -- Cecilia Cook was born in Waynesville, North Carolina and graduated from Pisgah High School. Following high school, she moved to Charlotte, NC to attend Trident Technical College.

While there, she accepted a position as a network clerk with BellSouth. She later transferred to an AT&T phone center store as a Customer Service Clerk and then to an AT&T Call Center. “I was supposed to go to Columbia, South Carolina but that position was cancelled.” 

She says, “So I ended up in Jacksonville, Florida.” Lucky for her, it’s where she met her husband, David. “I call that fate or divine intervention because if that job in Columbia hadn’t been cancelled, we might never have met!”

At that time, David was a US Marine Corps Reservist at Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida and working at the AT&T Call Center. About a year later, he made the choice to become an active duty Marine and transferred to Marine Air Station, El Toro, located in Orange County, California.

It was during this time that the Cooks welcomed their firstborn, a daughter, named Maegan.

The family moved back east to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, then on to Charleston, South Carolina, after David was accepted into a commissioning program. He attended The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.

While David attended classes, Cecilia worked in the Department of Education at the Citadel. She is proud to have been involved with the cadets and veterans who attended the Citadel as part of the Day Program and the Graduate students, who attended at night. “The Day Program was wonderful,” Cecilia says, “It’s structured so that veteran students can take full advantage of the Citadel’s campus and educational facilities as they work toward their Bachelor’s Degree. They take classes with Cadets and gain knowledge and experience that is unique to the military community.”

It was while living in Charleston that Cecilia’s interest in real estate began, as the young couple researched a first home purchase. During this time, their son Shane was born just after hurricane Hugo and Cecilia fondly called him her ‘Hugo baby!’

The family’s first duty station after David was commissioned was in Okinawa, Japan, where they spent three years. “It was a great experience.” Cecilia recalls, “The greatest experiences come when you are open to different cultures.”

Sadly, six months before their next permanent change of station (PCS) move, Cecilia’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, so she and the children came home early to North Carolina.

Their next move was to South Weymouth, Massachusetts where David pursued a Master’s Degree through the Marine Corps advanced degree program.

While David was attending class, Cecilia worked at the Naval Air Station (NAS) South Weymouth. She worked for the Commander, as a Secretary, during the transition period when the base was preparing to close due to Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).

Once David finished his studies, the family moved to Northern Virginia while David was assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps. Here, the family made their first new home purchase and Cecilia was again intrigued by the real estate market and its intricacies.

The family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where David was assigned as the Inspector Instructor (I&I) of Delta Company, 4th CEB. Cecilia went to work for a local media company.

With the children in high school, the family decided to stay in the Knoxville area and David accepted a final assignment, an unaccompanied tour in Pakistan. He retired in 2004 and they stayed in the Knoxville area. “David took a job at a local contracting company as a Project Manager,” Cecilia says, “Then within the first six months they asked him to go to Iraq to oversee projects there.”

Amid this transition from a military lifestyle to the civilian world, Cecilia was diagnosed with breast cancer. She states that while it doesn’t define her, it does put things in perspective.

When David came home from Iraq, they decided to start their own consulting business. Their intent was to establish a residential construction company. Cecilia says, “I love Real Estate. I’ve always loved the smell of fresh cut lumber and the feeling that you have when you go into a home.”

Then, the Real Estate market imploded.

Cecilia has also dedicated herself to causes far beyond herself and has advice for the future generations via her blog.

She says,"One of the important things a parent can do is to plan for their children’s education and one of my favorite examples of advising young parents is to examine different approaches for saving for the future: traditional savings account, traditional investments or investing in rental Real Estate.”

Looking at the first option, assume a child is five years old and the parents start putting $250 per month in a standard savings account earning 2%. In 13 years they would have $44,497.41 to pay for their child’s college expenses – not nearly enough. Doubling that savings to $500 per month would still only end up being $88,995, and few young parents could afford to do so.

Another traditional investment would be to make a lump sum contribution of $20,000 today in a mutual fund earning 5% that would be worth $37,713 in 13 years. They would have to make a $47,196 initial contribution to end up with the same $88,995.

An alternative to these traditional methods is to invest in a $100,000 home in a good area. Assuming a three percent appreciation and rent of $1,000 a month, an initial investment of only $23,500 could have a future wealth position of $83,838 at the end of 13 years.

Caring, compassionate and educated, Cecilia is a forward-thinker who is well-grounded in the realities that today’s military home buyers face. Cecilia wants to pay it forward.

For more information about Cecilia Cook, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Cecilia Cook
(865) 806-8467
Keller Williams 865.966.5005
Each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated.

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TEXAS Reserved For Jason Wood - Keller Williams City View - San Antonio, TexasJoint Base San Antonio (JBSA); United States Air Force 502nd Air Base Wing, Air Education And Training Command (AETC

CALIFORNIA Reserved For Robert Evans, Jr. -, Pleasanton, California - Keller Williams "Team Evans" ~ Travis Air Force Base

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