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After you scroll down this page, you will see that ALL of our clients are patriotic, passionate and dedicated to serving our Veterans and our Military families who are serving.


If you believe you are a ROCK STAR in your service areas, then you are who we want to join our team.

If not, then thank you for your time, we don't want to promote you. 

Our Military members and Veterans deserve ONLY the best MRP Realtors in the area in which they want to buy or sell a home. 

Service Members may only have a couple of days to view properties and make an offer, and others might be deployed at the time and need someone who can represent them while they’re away. Working with a Realtor® who understands the singular complications that arise with Military service can help make the home buying process simpler, faster and less stressful. The MRP Certification lets home buyers and sellers know that a Realtor® knows the ins and outs of Military housing benefits, such as zero-down payment loans, and the specific needs Military Service Members and Veterans have when searching for their new home.

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                        ******* ALABAMA *******

ALABAMA Reserved For Jerry Bourrell ~ Redstone Arsenal

Pending Publication

Press Release

By Allison Sledge



Jerry Bourrell is an intelligent, well-informed and resourceful Real Estate agent at Leading Edge Real Estate Group in Huntsville, Alabama.

Jerry was born in Illinois, raised in Mississippi and graduated from R.H. Watkins High School in Laurel. He attended Jones County Jr. College before joining the Navy in 1993 and going to basic training in Great Neck, Illinois. He says, “I enlisted as an E-2, but I was in the top 10% of my class, so I was automatically promoted to E-3, and because I enlisted while the United States was at war, I was awarded the National Defense Medal while still in basic training.”

Jerry trained in Engineering and his first assignment was on the USS Abraham Lincoln, which was already in the North Arabian Gulf. “I flew directly to Bahrain and they helicoptered me to the ship with just my sea bag and the items that I was issued.” He recalls, “The first time I stepped on the ship I remember it being so huge. It took me a month at sea just to begin to explore it and I still didn’t see everything!”

During this time, Jerry was in the Auxiliary Engineering “A” Division where he was sent, simultaneously, to the Hydraulics and Oxygen/Nitrogen shops. It was his duty to take the outside air and break it down to its elemental parts which separated everything except the oxygen and nitrogen. He says, “We took the nitrogen to negative 320 degrees then stored it in the liquid nitrogen tank and did the same with oxygen. We converted it to a gaseous state so that the Pilots could breathe in their planes. When they go beyond a certain elevation, they need to breathe, so we provide that oxygen for them.”

Jerry then became the supervisor of the Oxygen/Nitrogen plant without having to go to the required Cryogenics Sea School, because he passed the written and oral test and impressed the ships Chief Engineer enough to qualify. He made E-4 while on the ship, sailing through Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia and on these excursions, he would sit outside on the ships catwalks and write letters to his “future wife” (whom he had not met yet), expressing his thoughts and experiences, so that one day she would know what his life was like at that moment in time.

As luck would have it, a position was available at the liquid oxygen farm at Naval Air Station Meridian, in Mississippi near his home town. Jerry accepted the job, transferred there and obtained his Associates Degree from Meridian College. He also became a Certified Medical Technician and volunteered at the Fire Department.

It was here that he met his “future wife” Megan, and he soon had to report to shore duty in Japan, so his way of asking her to marry him was to her if she wanted to go to Japan with him. At their wedding, Jerry read her one of the letters he had written while at sea, leaving the whole room in tears. Megan read the rest of them on their honeymoon. Shortly thereafter, he went to Cryogenics Sea School and then to Iwakuni, Japan, where he was promoted to an E-5 and then E-6. He then re-enlisted for 6 years and in February 2003, went to Gaeta, Italy, on the USS LaSalle and Megan gave birth to their daughter, Autumn Faith on April 23rd. They lived on the island of Malta where he did work on the ship.

Jerry says, “I had to do another year of sea duty to meet my sea-to-shore rotation and I chose to deploy to the Middle East on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I was then assigned on a pre-commissioned command to the USS George H. W. Bush and in 2007 I was named ‘Sailor of the Year’ and promoted to Chief Petty Officer, E-7.

At this time, the Army was calling for volunteers to go to Iraq for 1 year, so Jerry spent 3 months at Fort Dix, New Jersey for Army training then deployed to Iraq, working for the Navy Provisional Detainee Battalion 5 (NPDB5) as an ‘individual augmentee.’ He was one of 5,000 U.S. Military guarding 17,000 Iraqi detainees.

When he returned stateside, Jerry got his United Service Military Apprentice Program (USMAP) Journeyman’s license as a Corrections Officer and then got orders to go to the Rome, Italy Embassy. Prior to departure, he took an extensive Italian language course in Washington, D.C.

In Italy, Jerry did Intelligence work with Dignitaries such as President Obama and Vice President Biden. He also worked with the advanced security team doing flight approval, hazmat and other intel work with the Italian authorities. He was a diplomat and had a black passport, which is a diplomatic passport issued to civilian and Military personnel and their families on diplomatic assignments overseas for the government.

In August of 2014, Jerry retired from the Military.

Media Contact:

Jerry Bourrell

Leading Edge Real Estate Group

(256) 527-6544

[email protected]

                        ******* ALASKA  *******

ALASKA - Chris CalhoonFort Wainwright; Eielson Air Force Base

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"I was on the Cambodian border, by myself. I was made a Battalion Senior Adviser with a South Vietnamese Infantry Battalion, the 52nd Regimen - Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)”
Chris Calhoon

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA , USA, August 2, 2017 / -- 

Christopher “Chris” Calhoon is a highly regarded and immensely respected Vietnam Veteran.  Chris is also immensely decorated, being the recipient of the Purple Heart Decoration, Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star of Valor awards, the Cross of Gallantry with Bronze Star, Sea Service Ribbon, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Expert Infantryman's Badge, Parachutist's Badge, Air Assault Badge and Master Army Aviator Badge.

Chris was born in San Francisco, California, raised in San Rafael and attended the University of San Francisco, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Chris says, “My mother wanted me to be an Attorney, but I excelled in history, and because of the war, it was mandatory to be in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) in college. I loved it. I worshipped the NCO’s there. I was drafted in 1968.”

Chris worked 3 jobs while in college and received a scholarship for ROTC, which paid the tuition for his Junior and Senior year and deferred his draft status until he graduated. In his Junior year, he was the number one Cadet as a Brigade Sergeant Major and in his Senior year he was the Brigade Commander and won the Military Science Award.

In June of 1970, Chris was commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and went to the United States Army Officer Candidate School for training as an Airborne Ranger, where only 40% graduated, due to its level of difficulty. Chris was then assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the 82nd Airborne Division 3rd Brigade 1-505 Infantry and his job was 1st Rifle Platoon Leader. He was selected to be the Reconnaissance Platoon Leader, where there was only one Leader per Infantry Battalion.

Then, he went to Vietnam.

Chris says, “I was on the Cambodian border, by myself. We didn’t go in Units. I was made a Battalion Senior Adviser with a South Vietnamese Infantry Battalion, the 52nd Regimen - Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN).”

Chris traveled with them on combat operations until March of 1972. He then went on his R&R. While he was there, his Unit in Vietnam got overrun and decimated. He flew back and couldn’t go back to them because of the remnants. Every single one of them were surrounded and wounded, due to the Offensive of 1972. Chris recalls, “The casualties of the advisers were so severe that I had to help out another regiment advisory team and didn’t rejoin my team until July.”

Chris spent the rest of his tour in Anlock and left in 1974. He says, “Subsequently, I went to Fort Wolters, Texas, to train to become an Army Helicopter Pilot and then went to Advanced Helicopter Training at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Then, I was assigned to Fort Richardson in Alaska and they put me in the 120th Assault Helicopter Company. As a result, I was a UH-1 Section Leader and the AH-1 Cobra Platoon Leader and Operations Manager.”

Chris then left aviation and moved over to the Infantry Brigade, where he commanded an Infantry Company. He states that Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., was the Brigade Commander and “Norm put me in Command of the 173rd Aviation Section, so I went back to Fort Benning for the Infantry Officer Career Courses.”

He relocated to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for the 101st AirborneScreaming Eagles as the first Leader of the Attack Helicopter Battalion - 229, the AH-1 Cobra. He then became a Company Commander and moved on to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, to attend Air Command and Staff College. He says, “From there, they sent me to the Navy Base Coronado, where I flew off Amphibious Assault Ships with the UH-1N. Then, I worked on the USS Tripoli and Tarawa as an Air Operations Officer and wrote the daily air plan. I spent almost 12 months at sea, all in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Hawaii, the Philippines, Hawaii, Okinawa, Korea, Australia and San Diego.”

Chris met his beautiful wife, Rina, at the Marine Corp’s Recruit Depot Officers Club and it was love at first sight for him. He was then promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and sent to Alaska, having been selected to Command the 222nd Aviation Battalion at Fort Wainwright.

Chris then went to the Army College at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania, before being sent to Hawaii as Commander of Chief of the Pacific at the All States Headquarters. He says, “I was selected as a speech writer for Huntington Hardisty, the great 4 Star Admiral-in-Charge and then selected for Brigade Commander as a Full Colonel. I was very honored to have this position because I got along very well with him and his wife. I was privy to the personal side of his life and he was truly a stand-up guy. This was my last assignment.”

Chris was sent back to Alaska at Fort Wainwright and commanded the Aviation Brigade of the 6th Infantry Division until he retired, where he had also practiced Real Estate part time while he was a Pilot, flying commercial helicopters for Hele Lifts & Air Logistics of Alaska.

After three years, he decided to become a full-time agent because, “My Real Estate checks were doubled to my Pilot checks and I was tired of being overworked and underpaid, so I opened my own business in 1998. I became the first exclusive buyer’s agent in Fairbanks.”

Fairbanks, known as ‘The Golden Heart City,” is located in the central Tanana Valley, straddling the Chena River near its confluence with the Tanana River. Immediately north of the city is a chain of hills that rises gradually until it reaches the White Mountains and the Yukon River.

The service areas for Chris are Fairbanks, the North Pole, Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base.

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Chris Calhoon, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Chris Calhoon
The BUYER’S Brokerage
(907) 460-7905

ALASKA "The Pettigen Team" Van And LaVerne Pettigen ~ Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER)

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"As a Military spouse, I am very proud to have earned my MRP Certification, because I understand Military needs. I have worked with VA buyers and sellers for over 17 years in Real Estate.”
LaVerne Pettigen

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, USA, March 17, 2017 / -- Van and LaVerne Pettigen are enthusiastic, warmhearted Real Estate agents at Herrington & Company in Anchorage, Alaska.

Known as ‘The Pettigen Team’ this dynamic-duo have spent their life together as soul-mates, working side by side in various businesses due to their complementary natures. 

LaVerne was born in King Salmon, Alaska, which is approximately 300 miles southwest of Anchorage. It is a very rural area known as rural Alaska, a region of Alaska that is not connected to the North American road network or ready access to the State's Ferry System. The majority of Alaska's native populations live in the bush, where they make their living in similar fashion to their ancestors. LaVerne graduated from Bristol Bay High School and worked for her father’s trucking company, where she learned how to run a business.

Van was born in Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Southern High School and joined the Air Force. He went to basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, then to technical school at Sheppard Air Force Base as a Cargo Specialist before transferring to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, working in Fleet Service. In this position, Van serviced airplanes that were going to and from Vietnam, supplying water and other essential necessities and was responsible for taking care of commercial jets and Military Aircraft.

Van recalls, “When I was young, my uncle was stationed in Alaska I was fascinated with the stories he would tell. I remember going to the library and looking it up and seeing pictures of Alaska, so I volunteered to go to Alaska. In the Air Force, we have a ‘dream sheet’ which is where you put down 3 places where you would like to go. Alaska was my first choice. I was sent to a small, all-male duty station at King Salmon Air Force Station (a General Surveillance Radar station) on a remote tour where I monitored the activity of Russian airplanes.”

At this time, a local recreation center approached Van to teach a martial arts class to keep the guys busy. The Air Force would pay, but it was also opened up to the people in King Salmon. LaVerne and her brother came to the class.

LaVerne says, “There was not a lot to do in rural Alaska, so I enrolled in the class and Van was my Karate instructor. He earned a first-degree Black Belt when he was just 14 years old and he trained me up to the point where I got my own Black Belt.”

The two became good friends. LaVerne and her brother began showing Van around Alaska in ways that he might not have seen if not for their friendship. They enjoyed going out in the deep wilderness observing the wildlife and driving on the ice.

Van recalls that it was a very interesting time. “I came from an all-black community so it was an adjustment for everyone to see us together. LaVerne came from a small village and was related to the Natives, so there was a lot of surprise and conversation about us getting together.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, but her family was very kind and people got used to me being there. I was the only black person there. It was an adjustment for everybody, but we had bonfires and picnics together, even though it was as unusual for them as it was for me. I remember one of her family members saying, ‘People like us need people like you’ and I knew that our union was meant to be.”

Van and LaVerne got married and had two daughters, Leigha and Latisha. They moved to Anchorage and LaVerne stayed at home with the children, but decided to work part time in sales with Herbalife, a global nutrition company.

Van retired from the Air Force in 1975 and got a job at the local airline, Wein Alaska, before deciding to work with LaVerne in Herbalife. He says, “I made enough money to quit the airline. This was network marketing and they were flying us all across the country. We were part of the corporate school crowd – which was the envy of many. Everybody wanted to be where we were. We were spoiled.”

LaVerne says, “A friend told me that I would do good in Real Estate, so I gave it a shot. I worked for Prudential Jack White and we came in #9 in our first year out of 100 agents that were there, so I decided on a career change. We have been top producers in Alaska for over 17 years.”

Van eventually joined LaVerne in Real Estate after working in car sales for 10 years. He says, “When the kids left home, we put all of our energy into Real Estate and got back to the income level that we were accustomed to.”

The Pettigen’s also inherited the family fishing business where LaVerne’s mother, brothers and sisters worked. LaVerne was a commercial fisherman and taught Van how to fish. They sell fish each year to the local canneries during a 6-week period. Their main catch is red salmon.

Alaska is the ninth biggest seafood-producing region in the world, with 80 percent of high-value wild salmon species like sockeye, coho and king salmon originating from its waters. Their daughter, Latisha runs the business now, with grandchildren Jaden and Elise. She also runs her own business. Leigha is a very successful Realtor in Tennessee.

As a Military Spouse, LaVerne is very proud to have earned her Military Relocation Professional Certification because she understands their needs and has worked with VA buyers and sellers for over 17 years in Real Estate.

The cities that the Pettigen’s serve are: Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake and Mat-Su Valley.

For more information about The Pettigen Team, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
The Pettigen Team
Herrington & Company
(907) 242-7955 (cell)
(907) 263-9370 (office)
[email protected]

Click link Below To See Van And LaVerne's Published Press Release:

                        ******* ARIZONA *******

ARIZONA - Mary (And Logan) Wolf ~ Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"I’m a member of the Military Affairs Committee and the Tucson Chamber of Commerce to help those affiliated with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.”
Mary Wolf

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, May 22, 2017 / -- Mary Wolf is an exuberant, diligent and thoughtful Real Estate Agent with Tierra Antigua Realty in Tucson, Arizona.

Mary was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her parents moved to Tucson when she was seven years old, and her dad worked in the copper mines in San Manuel. 

As a single mom raising her daughter, Amanda, Mary worked at various jobs in the restaurant industry, a CPA firm, American Airlines, a Veterinary Technician and as a Private Investigator. 

Mary has always been a go- getter and says there is no “impossible” in her book. Mary has always been a people-person and decided to go to work as the General Manager and Marketing Director for five McDonald’s restaurants. She says, “I was able to support my community by reaching out to those in need who were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. I did fundraisers and cooked for the families who were staying at the house.” Mary also worked with local schools to help raise money for the PTA, and she would escort Ronald around to meet all the kids. She has been a big part in putting on “McTeacher’s Nights” in local McDonald’s restaurants.

Mary has always wanted to help children. One of her fondest childhood memories is getting “See’s Candy” from her grandmother and aunts. “I remember going into the See’s Candy store and the smell of chocolate made we want to try all of the pieces.” She says, “I also noticed how happy and friendly everyone was. So, when I became an adult, I decided to work part time with See’s Candy. I work at the store during the holidays. I love meeting all the customers who come in.”

Mary has self-dedication and compassion for her community and has volunteered for several outreach programs, such as the Southern Arizona Center for Sexual Assault (SACASA), where she underwent seven weeks of intense training to be a part of the crisis line. She currently volunteers at ‘Stand Up For Kids’ where she helps feed and clothe the homeless kids in Tucson.

Mary feels very blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization, as she has met so many kids that have become a part of her life. “It’s very rewarding to help our kids get a fresh start. I help in fundraisers to raise money to help support such a wonderful cause and I am diligently working on obtaining an outreach facility for them.”

Mary met her future husband, Todd Wolf, in 2009. They were married in 2015. She knew he was the one. “He always makes me smile and laugh and he has been very supportive in anything that I want to take on. We merged two families; one daughter and three sons.” She says. “Two sons served in the Marines – in Iraq, Afghanistan and Honduras - and a daughter-in law who was in the Coast Guard. We also have nine grandchildren.” Mary loves spending time and watching all the grandchildren grow, because they are all amazing.

Mary and Todd are also investors and do their own ‘fix and flips’. Mary was having so much fun in Real Estate, she decided to get her Real Estate license to be able to share this experience with others.

A very important person to Mary is one of her best friends and preferred Lending Partners, Krista Anderson. “Krista was my client at first, that’s how we met. I love her. She’s my rock and my business partner. She’s closed more deals for me than any other lender because she’s ‘Johnny-on-the-spot.’ She’s wonderful and she keeps me sane. She’s a little blonde firecracker and she takes exceptional care of my clients.”

Todd is an Engineer at Raytheon, which is a Defense Contract Company. Mary and Krista offer a special deal for Raytheon employees and their extended families. It includes a $500.00 home warranty and up to $500.00 in closing costs.

Another great love of Mary’s is her beloved Wolf dog, Logan, whom she is most identified with on her marketing material. “We had to go through extensive interviews so we could understand Wolves. We got Logan at four weeks old and he went to work with me for sixteen weeks. He’s very gentle, warm, loyal, calm and a protector of his Mama. He loves everybody he meets. He’s a people- person and so very intelligent. I’ve learned so much respect and honor by having a Wolf, because he’s not like any other family member (dog.). Logan loves meeting my clients and they love to have a picture with him.” Mary also has two other babies, Ellie Mae and Dallas. Both are very dear to her heart and she loves spending time playing and enjoying cuddle time with all three.

Mary has an affinity for the Military because of her family members who have served in the Military. Her three uncles served in the Marines, the Navy and Army. “I got my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification because I want to serve our Military in their home-buying or selling. I believe that since they protected us, it’s our turn to protect them. They’ve given their lives for our country and it’s an honor to do all that I can for them." She says, “I’m also a member of the Military Affairs Committee and the Tucson Chamber of Commerce to help those affiliated with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.”

Tucson will always be her home.

Mary proudly serves Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Avra Valley, Green Valley, Marana, Rita Ranch, Vail and Sahuarita.

For more information about "Military Friendly Agent" Mary Wolf, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Mary Wolf
Tierra Antigua Realty
(520) 551-5669
[email protected]

Click Link Below To See Mary's Published Press Release:

ARIZONA Reserved For Vicki (And RangerCochran ~ Luke Air Force Base

                        ******* ARKANSAS *******

                        ******* CALIFORNIA *******

CALIFORNIA - Howard Curry ~ Los Angeles Air Force Base; 

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"It was a natural fit for me to get my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification, due to my Military background. I have an affinity for people who have served."
Howard Curry

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 11, 2017 / --

Howard Curry is an impressively skilled Broker Associate at Century 21 Beachside Realtors in Southern California.

Howard was born in Japan and is the son of a career Army Veteran. 

His family moved every two years to places such as Frankfurt, Presidio, Okinawa, Washington D.C., and Denver before his father retired in San Antonio, Texas. He says, “As a kid, I personally had a tough time because we moved so often. Just as I began to make friends and look forward to the new school year, we had to relocate. Because of that, I never had any lifelong friends, with very few exceptions, such as my dad’s friends’ kids who were my age. We would run across each other at various Military bases. It was a way of life which offered a lot of opportunities for world travel, but it could also be very difficult.”

After high school graduation, Howard attended Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering.

During his early professional career, he worked for Fortune 100 companies in the telecommunications industry designing telephone circuits and cable television systems. Subsequently, he transitioned to the defense electronics and aerospace industry to build high tech aircraft electronics and weapons systems.

Additionally, he also distinguished himself as an entrepreneur having owned a successful engineering consulting firm and was one of the co-founders for a start-up Information Technology (IT) company.

Howard says, “I enjoyed almost every endeavor I was exposed to in my life. With so many interests and opportunities, it was a challenge to zero in on just one thing. While I was in college, the Navy approached me on a program for Pilots and I always had a desire to fly. My preference was to be a Fighter Pilot and I felt that Navy Pilots were special due to their capability to operate off an aircraft carrier. I discussed this opportunity with my father as it was a dilemma for me. Should I graduate and become an Engineer or a Pilot?

One year after graduation, the same recruiter called me and asked me what I was doing for lunch. We met and unexpectedly we were 'wheels up' in a T-34C where he allowed me fly the aircraft. I was exhilarated! Shortly afterwards, I reported to the Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) in Pensacola, Florida. Anecdotally, AOCS was the premise for the movieAn Officer and a Gentleman’. Initially, there were approximately 48 people in the class; however, only 16 graduated due to the demanding nature of the program.”

Howard’s Naval career spans over 20 years and is interspersed with both active duty and reserve time. He served as a Senior Intelligence Officer and attended the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. His experience included assignments at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), National Reconnaissance Office, Naval Special Warfare Command, and in the aviation community. He has held various positions of increasing responsibility to include serving as Commanding Officer and attaining the rank of Commander. He says, “My experience with the intelligence community has been a blessing as it provided me with interesting aerospace and defense electronics opportunities working as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager.”

One of his key contributions to the community was his service as a Los Angeles Reserve Police Officer. He graduated from the LAPD Reserve Academy and was assigned to the 77th Division in South Central Los Angeles for 3 years.

There he worked as a Patrol Officer. Aside from performing typical law enforcement duties, he was recognized for actively supporting various local events for the homeless. He also received a letter of commendation for his participation in restoring order during the 1992 LA riots.

Howard says, “I love challenges; however, I’ve worked for so many years in a fast paced, high stress environment that I was simply burned out. I wanted better control of my destiny and to transition to something completely different where I could work on my own time, so I decided to get into Real Estate.”

Howard’s Real Estate background includes residential investment properties. He studied Real Estate at Mt. San Antonio College. He is currently a ‘Million Dollar Producer’ at Century 21 Beachside in Chino Hills. He is an expert property valuations professional having provided extensive Broker Price Opinions for major financial institutions.

His certifications and designations includes Military Relocation Professional, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource, Broker Price Opinion Resource. He is a designated USAA Preferred Broker and Navy Federal Credit Union Realty Plus Agent.

He is a member of Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals and sits as Vice Chair on the Commercial Committee for The Inland Gateway Association of Realtors.

Howard says, “It was a natural fit for me to get my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification, due to my Military background. I have an affinity for people who have served. As a Realtor, you serve your clients and Military Veterans are a very special group. I’m qualified to assist them, but you also need relevant experience and credentials to leverage that knowledge and build a profile which allows others to recognize that you mean business.”

Howard’s service areas in Southern California encompasses areas within Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties. The cities that he works in include Chino, Chino Hills, Upland, Los Angeles, Claremont, Diamond Bar, Eastvale, Glendora, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Corona, Temecula, Murrieta, Arcadia, Covina, West Covina Glendora, Azusa, San Dimas, Pomona, Montclair, Duarte, Monrovia, Norwalk, Rialto, Loma Linda, Redlands, Walnut, Yorba Linda.

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Howard Curry, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Howard Curry
Century 21 Beachside
(714) 696-1996
[email protected]

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                       ******* COLORADO *******

COLORADO Jean Plank ~ Fort Carson; Peterson Air Force Base; Schreiver Air Force BaseU.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA); Buckley Air Force Base

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


" I’ve always been connected to the Military and I want to stay connected to the Military, because it’s in my blood."
Jean Plank

COLORADO SPRINGS , COLORADO, USA, July 11, 2016 / -- Jean Plank is a United States Army Veteran who is dedicated to building solid relationships with his real estate clients. He is a Broker Associate with Sellstate Alliance Realty in Colorado Springs, Colorado and recently attained his Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification.

Jean was born in Augsburg, Germany where his father was stationed. The family moved frequently, including a transfer to Fort Benning, Georgia for three years, then back to Manheim, Germany and then to Fort Lewis, Washington for three years, and back to Manheim for another three years - finally PCS’ing to Fort Lewis where his father retired from the Army. He says, “It was nice to finally settle down and feel accepted in an area where I knew I was going to stay.”

After graduation from Sultan High School in Washington, Jean enlisted in the Army. “I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and serve my country.”

Jean went through basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey and continued advanced training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Field Artillery Weapons Systems. He then relocated to Fort Carson, Colorado and served in the 1st Battalion 27th Field Artillery. It was here that a friend introduced him to his future wife Kimberly. They got married and had their first child, Ricky, before transferring to Wertheim, Germany where they welcomed twin daughters, Alexandra and Ashley.

Jean was then deployed on a one-year tour in the first Gulf War in Iraq where he served in combat operation. He recalls that experience as being very hot, dirty and dusty. He says, “I tell my friends to take a steamy shower until they’re sweating, then blow dry their face and imagine the hot sand blowing on their body. That is similar to my experience while living in the desert of Iraq.” He continues, “We were shooting rockets for four straight days with no sleep – pushing the enemy as far back as we could push them from Kuwait into Iraq. The counter-fire was tremendous and it was very scary.”

Jean then transferred to Fort Stewart, Georgia for three years, then back to Fort Sill for another three years before going to recruiting school at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He then reported to his recruiting station in Fayetteville, Arkansas for another three years. He returned to Fort Sill where he served three years before he retired as an Operation Sergeant after serving 20 years.

Jean then spent eleven years in retail management, working in Oregon, Washington and Nebraska. He ran the stores and the fuel operations for the two leading 24-hour truck stops in the industry: Pilot Travel Center and Love’s Travel Stops.

Jean decided to move to Colorado Springs to be closer to his children and grandchildren. Since he had used his VA loan to purchase houses in Oklahoma, Washington State, Nebraska and Colorado, he thought that it would be a good fit for him to get into real estate. He says, “I like helping people. It gives me pleasure to help people find a home, just as people helped me. I enjoy talking and interacting with people. The Military presence has a great impact on our local economy and I look forward to assisting as many Active-Duty Soldiers and Veterans with their real estate needs as I can.”

Jean procured his real estate license in December of 2015 and began working at Sellstate Alliance Realty. Sellstate Realty is a very unique franchise system. Unlike most franchises, which begin as a single successful location where the founder(s) later decide to expand, Sellstate was designed as a national franchise from the very beginning. 

Because of this, Sellstate’s foundation was conceptualized and created with nationwide systems that make life for a broker easier and more efficient while providing agents with everything they need to succeed. Sellstate’s Technology acts as the technological backbone for their entire network, eliminating the majority of administrative duties from the office level. This is what helps Sellstate to be the best real estate franchise for brokers and agents.

Jean found out about the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification through a local realty group. “I felt it was very important to have the MRP designation,” he says, “I know the Military and I know how they operate. I know what’s important to Military families. There’s a camaraderie with the Military that you can’t find in any other organization in the world. I’ve always been connected to the Military and I want to stay connected to the Military, because it’s in my blood.”

The Military has a very strong presence in Colorado Springs.

There is the United States Air Force Academy; Cheyenne Mountain Complex; North American Aerospace Defense Command; Peterson Air Force Base; Schriever Air Force Base and Fort Carson Army Base.

Colorado Springs ranks in the Top 10 “fastest-moving real estate markets” in the country because it has so much to offer including: The Garden of the Gods; Pikes Peak; Cave of the Winds; Cheyenne Mountain Zoo; Seven Falls; The United States Olympic Training Center; Royal Gorge Bridge & Park; Air Force Falcons and The Ghost Town Museum.

Colorado Springs made the Forbes list of the best places to retire in 2016 and Downtown Colorado Springs ranked #9 in the Top 10 Best Downtowns of 2016. Downtown Colorado Springs has a small-town feel with big-city amenities. The area offers a variety of shopping, dining, museums, parks, festivals and events and is a designated Creative District in the state of Colorado.

Jean says, “Colorado Springs is the perfect place for me to live and work. We call it ‘The Springs’ and aside from all of the wonderful things to do here, the mountains look so close you sometimes feel like you can reach out and touch them.”

For more information about “Military friendly Agent” Jean Plank, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Jean Plank
Sellstate Alliance Realty
(719) 822-7037
[email protected]

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                   ******* CONNECTICUT *******

CONNECTICUT Reserved For Bonnie NaultNaval Submarine Base New London

                        ******* DELAWARE  *******

DELAWARE - Kate Gleeson ~ Dover Air Force Base

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"That company was FAMILY. They helped groom me to be the leader I am today and I am forever grateful. I still have strong relationships to this day with many of those Soldiers”
Kate Gleeson

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, June 22, 2017 / -- Kate Gleeson is a United States Army Veteran who is dedicated to serving Veterans and Active Duty Military members and their families find a place they can call home.

Kate is a Realtor® at eXp Realty, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage®, in Dover, Delaware, where their network of agents and brokers build their businesses by attending classes, strategizing, collaborating, innovating, and building unity amongst each other in a virtual environment.

Kate was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in Doylestown, and graduated from Central Bucks High School West, where she played soccer and was a captain her senior year. She worked in the summer as an Activities Director at a day camp, running a rock wall and low ropes course for 9-12 year olds.

Kate graduated from the University of Delaware, majoring in Criminal Justice with a Spanish Minor. She had always wanted to be a federal law enforcement officer and even did her high school senior project on the Secret Service because “My uncle was a Philadelphia cop and when the Secret Service came to town, he was the point man. I was so interested in that line of work and knew that was the direction I wanted to take!”

However, just when Kate was about to graduate from high school and ready to start college, her guidance counselor mentioned, “I think you would have been good at one of the military academies.” No one had ever said that to her before and so that seed was planted. Because of that seed, Kate decided to join an ROTC program at UD. Early in that first fall semester, a stranger approached her between classes and said “You’re Kate, right? You would LOVE Ranger Company class!” That stranger got Kate hooked and later became a best friend. The class taught different infantry battle drills and leadership tactics and concluded with a Field Training Exercise. Towards the end of her freshman year, Kate was offered a 3- year scholarship from the Army ROTC program. “I knew from Day 1 that I was meant for the military,” Kate says. She willingly accepted the opportunity.

As a cadet, Kate was chosen to attend and graduated from the United States Army Airborne School. She also won the prestigious Marshall Award for being the top cadet in her senior class.

Kate’s first choice of branch was to be in the Signal Corps. She was accepted and attended her Officer Basic Course at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and got orders to the 112th Signal Battalion at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She was a Platoon Leader and one of only 3 females in her company. They supported the Special Forces Units when they deployed with their communication equipment. She says, “This was by far my most favorite job of my career... that company was FAMILY. They helped groom me to be the leader I am today and I am forever grateful. I still have strong relationships to this day with many of those Soldiers.”

Kate was deployed first to Mosul, Iraq and also to Qatar before returning back to Fort Bragg and taking over as her company’s Executive Officer. Shortly after that she got orders to be the Executive Officer at Bravo Company, 3rd Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Battalion - the TV and radio broadcast company that supported the other battalions in the 4th PSYOP Group.

While Kate was at the POG, she “sold her way” into Jumpmaster school. “I remember that there were only four slots open, and there were five us on standby to get in the class. There was an SF Sergeant Major who only wanted to let one more in, but I guaranteed him that the last two of us would graduate if he let us both in. That got a nervous look from the E-6 next to me. Good thing the SGM believed me. We both were first time ‘GOs’!”

Kate did decide to get out of the military after 4+ years for personal reasons yet landed an incredible job with Ethicon Endo Surgery, a division of Johnson&Johnson, selling medical devices used in surgery. It was an incredible training opportunity to learn and hone her sales skills.

After she bounced around to Long Island, Seattle, and Denver with J&J, Kate decided to take a leap of faith and move back east so she could marry her college crush. Leaving J&J was necessary, so she took her father’s advice and started a career in real estate. It clicked! She signed up for the real estate class and has never looked back!

Kate has thrived in every aspect of her new calling ever since. She takes a consultative sales approach with her clients and her main goal is to keep the process simple while keeping more money in their pockets.

Kate has never forgotten the importance of educating and informing the public of the sacrifices that our military men and women experience every single day – whether overseas or at home. She has lost a number of friends and Soldiers to suicide and is focused upon bringing a deeper awareness to the reality of this tragedy.

In that same spirit, Kate partnered with fellow eXp Realty Realtor® Dan Sawyer to create a fundraiser for the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund, sponsored by the Friends of Delaware Veterans, Inc. The Friends’ sole job is to raise money for the fund, which has ZERO overhead, meaning 100% of the fund goes back to Delaware Veterans.

Kate works in the Dover Air Force Base community and loves working with anyone moving in and out of the base. She is familiar with VA loans, has incredible connections to VA lenders, and is knowledgeable in the military moving process.

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Kate Gleeson, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Kate Gleeson
eXp Realty Delaware
(302) 632-8699

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                     ******* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA *******
                            (WASHINGTON, DC

                        ******* FLORIDA*******

FLORIDA - Wendy Cantfil ~ U.S. Army Garrison Miami

Press Release
By Allison Sledge

Miami, Florida REALTOR® Wendy Cantfil Earns Her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification

Wendy Takes A Multi- Disciplinary Approach To Provide Buyers And Sellers With The Broadest Personalized Service In Today's Complex Real Estate Industry

"I have a close affinity for Military families because I am a part of their world. We share the same values. I respect and understand the challenges they face with frequent PCS relocations."
Wendy Cantfil

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, January 12, 2015 / -- Having spent most of her adult life as a Navy wife, Wendy Canfill knows firsthand how important it is for realtors to have a thorough understanding of their military clients and their unique requirements. “I knew that earning my MRP certification would give me special recognition as being best qualified to work with active duty and retired military”, she says.

“I have a close affinity for military families because I am a part of their world. We share the same values. I respect and understand the challenges they face with frequent PCS relocations.”

Wendy was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and the humanities from San Francisco State University. Wendy met her future husband Scott while he was an active duty lieutenant stationed at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Unlike hers, Scott’s family had a long history of military and federal civilian service. “When I got married, I did not realize how dedicated service members were “, she recalls. “I was very naïve about the tremendous challenges, sacrifices, and demands that military members and their families face on a consistent basis.”

Marriage and graduation brought Wendy and Scott to San Diego where Wendy began a new career as a buyer for the Navy Exchange Retail System. She says, “It was very difficult back then. There was no real support for military spouses in the work place.” While new assignments and new places were exciting, that also meant starting over for Wendy every two to three years, both in the work place and in establishing her growing home.

Along the way Wendy and Scott welcomed two sons into the world, born on different coasts not surprisingly. In addition to Monterey and San Diego, her family also called D.C., Newport, Alameda, Mayport and Key West home, some more than once. Scott, a naval aviator, eventually retired as a Navy captain. His three commanding officer tours meant Wendy acquired all the informal, yet important and rewarding responsibilities as a senior officer’s wife.

Wendy is extremely proud of the accomplishments of her husband and two sons. Scott continues to serve his country as a civil servant assigned to U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Her oldest, Bryan is a Coast Guard officer stationed in Washington, D.C. As a realtor Wendy has enjoyed working with many Coast Guard families in South Florida. Kevin is a Florida State University graduate who has found his niche in education, recently accepting a leadership position in the D.C. Public School System. “I am so blessed and feel extraordinarily grateful seeing my boys become successful and independent.”

In addition to her extensive retail experience and volunteer work, one job piqued Wendy’s interest in real estate. Wendy entered a program called Showhomes of America where she used her own furniture and accessories to stage homes that she and her family lived in until they were sold. With her art history background and all her relocation experience, Wendy quickly sold four homes.

Wendy has always been interested in real estate, her mother having been a realtor. Wendy earned her real estate license in 2005 and has never looked back. Real estate capitalizes perfectly on Wendy’s interests and background. She works extensively throughout Broward County and northwest Miami-Dade County.

Wendy knows how dedicated our military and their families are. She has lived the same life and shares the unifying values of honor, courage, commitment and integrity. Wendy also knows that being a military family can be very difficult at times. “When you transfer and relocate, this can be especially hard. You lose your sense of community roots. You have to adapt and adjust to a whole new life every time you move. I want to help make that adjustment easier for all the military and retired families that I work with.”

For more information about Wendy Cantfil, please visit these websites:

Media Contact:
Wendy Cantfil
Coldwell Banker
(954) 298-6424
[email protected]

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FLORIDA Reserved For Karen Fay Ottewell ~ MacDill Air Force Base

Pending Publication

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


Karen Fay Ottewell is a brilliant, charismatic and astute Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Bay to Bay, in Tampa, Florida.

Karen is known as “The British Realtor.” She was born in Southamptom, England, which is on the south coast of England, and is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire, seventy-five miles south-west of London. She says, “I came from a University town where the legendary Titanic took sail from Southampton on its maiden voyage. We lost hundreds of people in the tragedy.”

Karen has very fond memories of her childhood there. “I grew up in the New Forest, which includes one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in the heavily populated south east of London.” 

She says, “Ponies ran wild and I rode them bareback. Queen Victoria has a summer retreat on the Isle of White and the Queen owns the New Forest. I personally met Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, who was one of the ninety elected hereditary peers that remain in the House of Lords.”

With such an idyllic childhood, Karen wanted to indulge the people of her community, so she attained a catering degree for hotels and restaurants in England and Europe. She was a well-respected Commissioned Chef working in the Royal Hotel in Southampton, running it from up and down with class and dignity.

Karen met her future husband, Simon, a businessman who owned his own Company, selling appliances, and they had an instant connection. Together, they decided to get into business and opened two “Impulse Discount Stores” which retained a catalog clothing return line, which is equivalent to outlet malls in America. Karen and Simon wanted to expand their businesses, so they opened a Printing and Computer Designing Company and named it “ABD” after their son, Alexander Benjamin David. Karen says, “A wholesaler bought both of our businesses, which financed our move to America.”

Karen and her family moved to Brandon, Florida near Tampa, with a business Visa. The terms were in writing. As long as they owned a business and employed a minimum of three American citizens - they were fully funded on an E-2 Visa. Karen and Simon bought a house and a housecleaning business called “The Cleaning Authority.” Their company beat out the number one housecleaning service, ‘Merry Maids’ in Florida and won tons of awards due to their conversion rate of 95%.

Because they were dealing with so many houses, Simon advised Karen to get into Real Estate so that they wouldn’t miss any opportunities to help non-represented customers whose houses were up for sale. Karen obtained her Real Estate License immediately, and one of the areas that intrigued Karen was Tax Deed Auctions, where she made a lot of money with her insight and intuition. Unfortunately, while driving to an appointment, she got into a major automobile accident with a Direct TV vehicle, which almost ended her life. Karen suffered a stroke at the scene and continued to experience health problems as a result. She was not able to give 100% to what she loved to do, which was Real Estate.

After a semi-recovery, Karen got into rentals and made 6 figures a year, despite working with seizures and medications. When the payout from Direct TV came, she gave her son, Alex, $50,000.00 to do whatever he wanted to do. She says, “Alex graduated from Leonard High School as an ‘A student’ in design, technology and computers and went to Orlando Technical College. Alex was wise. He didn’t want to rack up debt with student loans, and upon his mother’s advice, he went away to become a Marine Mechanic.

Karen was a proud mom. Not only had she raised and taught her son well, but she advised him to have a trade to fall back upon should anything happen. Alex did so, and when his ‘Mum’ gave him $50,000.00 to do whatever he wanted to do with, he decided to invest in properties, just like his mom and dad, and has become one of the youngest, most successful agents in Florida.

Karen, herself, as accumulated many prestigious awards, which Alex proudly posts on his social media pages.

Karen is very proud of her family members who served in the Military. Her younger brother served with the British Army in the Gulf War, and her Great Uncle in the Burma War with Louis Mount Batten of Burma, the uncle of Prince Charles. Karen says. “I sincerely enjoy working with Veterans and Military families, primarily when they go to war. They are so disconnected with day-to-day life when they return. They literally need to switch gears and deal with the world they left behind, fighting for the rights of their fellow citizens. People tend to forget that. They take their freedoms for granted.”

Karen earned her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification because she wanted to help evaluate every situation for her Military clients. “I fight for them” Karen says, “I want them to have the best deal possible. They have such a burden on their shoulders – and just like the wars they fight for us – we have to fight for them. It’s our responsibility. There is nothing more satisfying than giving back to Military.” Karen continues, “I want to give a polished approach to perfecting the art of finding the ultimate house for our Veterans and Active Duty Military families. House buying should be a joyous, exciting experience.  It should be thrilling and on high!”

Karen serves the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg , Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Wimauma, Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, Seffner, Palmetto, Bradenton, Sarasota, Manderia, Treasure Island, Reddington Beach, Wesley Chapel . Lutz, Dade City and Dover.

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Karen Fay Ottewell, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:

Karen Fay Ottewell

RE/Max Bay To Bay

(813) 625-1371

[email protected]

FLORIDA Reserved For V. Elaine Stevens ~ Naval Air Station (NAS) Fort Lauderdale MuseumWilliam Bill Kling VA Clinic

FLORIDA Reserved For Larry Leaman ~ Patrick Air Force Base

                        ******* GEORGIA ******* 

GEORGIA - Judith "Judi" Robinson ~ Fort Gordon

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"I know how the Military operates and I know how to serve those who are serving or have served. I can do a lot to assist those moving to or from the Fort Gordon area here in Augusta, Georgia."
Judi Robinson

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, USA, January 5, 2016 / -- Judi Robinson is a retired Military Officer now working at Blanchard & Calhoun Real Estate Company in Augusta, Georgia.

Judi was born in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Incarnate Word Academy. She always wanted to join the Military. 

Judi says, “I was set to join the Marine Corps but when I went to the Army recruiting station and saw a video of a female jumping out of a plane, I said ‘sign me up’!”

Judi signed up for five years for the Airborne option and Fort Bragg, NC. Judi enlisted in the Army as a Private (E1), completed basic training at Fort McClellan, AL and went to Advanced Individual Training at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN, where she certified in her Military Occupation Specialty: A Military Paralegal. Judi then went to Airborne school at Fort Benning, GA.

Judi remembers being shocked that it was actually happening and a bit nervous about following instructions. “My first jump was over 1,200 feet,” she remembers, “but I was actually more scared on the second jump because now I knew how hard it was to steer the parachute. I knew the feeling and the pull of the chute being ripped out of the chute-pack tray and how hard the landing could be. You have to reach up and pull the equivalent of your body weight down to your chest in order to steer the parachute. I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush in my life. It was a proud moment for me when I graduated, because I didn’t think I could do it.”

Judi then PCS’d to Fort Bragg, NC and was put in a unit that wasn’t Airborne. She says, “I wasn’t happy but I did what I was told – and most of my unit was already deployed to Desert Shield. I was gung-ho on going to combat at a time where most people were trying to get out of going but I was very eager to go.”

Judi deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Shield/Storm and was located in various locales of Dhahran and Riyadh with the First Corps Support Command assigned to the 44th Medical Brigade.

She says, “I was posted on guard duty at a far corner of the compound. It was completely dark and exposed. My supervisor said that I was the first line of defense and to be sure to shoot off a round if I got attacked. Many people don’t know what we actually do as Military Paralegals. The Military has a code of conduct. When a Commander wants to take serious action against a violator, the Commander refers to Military Paralegals for administrative support and guidance. Keep in mind, it’s very stressful being in the Military, especially overseas in a combat environment. People handle the stress in different ways – some appropriately, some inappropriately.”

Judi redeployed back to Fort Bragg and then went to Fort Belvoir, Virginia at the Air Assault School where she learned to repel out of helicopters with just a rope. She sums that brave experience up by saying: “I was just trying to be all I could be and as long as no one stopped me, I’d keep going!”

Judi attended Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN and was eventually reassigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC where she was placed on jump status. 

Shortly thereafter, Judi PCS’d to Yongsan Army Base in Seoul, Korea for one year and then came back to the United States to Fort Jackson, SC as a training instructor before returning to Fort Bragg for four years at 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Judi attended Advanced Nonc-commissioned Officer Course at Fort Jackson, SC and achieved her highest enlisted rank of Sergeant First Class (E7). She obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration and attended the Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA. This led to Fort Eustis, VA to become a Military Transportation Officer. Her first assignment as an Officer was at Fort Stewart, GA. After five long years, she PCS’d to Fort Eustis, VA for Advance Officer Training.

Judi was subsequently deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) I for eight months and returned back to Fort Stewart before being deployed again to OIF III for one year before returning back to Fort Stewart, then back to Fort Eustis for Advanced Officer Training. She was then stationed at Fort Riley, KS and was deployed again to Iraq for fifteen months for OIF 07-09 then returned to Fort Riley. Upon completion of the tour, Judi PCS’d to Fort Gordon, GA then Fort Eustis. VA, where she retired from the Military as a Major.

Having experienced such a stellar career in the Army, Judi says, “I think it’s important for people to understand the level of sacrifices that Military members and their families make. The sacrifice is a daily requirement. It’s not a weekly or monthly renouncement; it’s 24/7 and I am very proud to have served.”

Judi decided to relocate to Augusta, GA after retiring from the Army, where she became a Real Estate agent. Judi says, “It was during the recession, but I already owned a home there so it worked out.” No other options excited her. “I didn’t want to ‘clock in’ at a job.” She wanted to enjoy the freedoms that were generally denied to her during her Military career.

Judi found out about the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification on the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) website. She said: “I have to have this Certification. I know how the Military operates and I know how to serve those who are serving or have served. I can do a lot to assist those moving to or from the Fort Gordon area here in Augusta, Georgia."

To find out more about Judi Robinson, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Judi Robinson
Blanchard & Calhoun Real Estate Company
(706) 825-1488
[email protected]

Click Link Below To See Judi's Published Press Release:

GEORGIA - The McLain & Batson Team - Bob, Gail And Morgan - Fort Benning

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"If I were in the Military, I would want to work with an MRP because they went the extra mile to show that they care and that they are knowledgeable about VA loans and all aspects of Military life.”
Gail McLain

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, USA, March 20, 2017 / -- Bob and Gail McLain along with their granddaughter Morgan Batson, of CENTURY 21 Premier Real Estate in Columbus, Georgia, are Certified Military Relocation Professionals (MRP’s).

Bob says, “My Dad was in the Army Air Force (AAF) and worked in Aviation as a Radio Communications Technician.”

Gail says, “My Dad was in the Army so I understand the situations that they are put in. Women who stay home while their husbands are deployed go through a tremendous amount of stress, worrying about the safety of their spouse overseas while handling all the responsibilities at home and raising the children – my heart just goes out to them. I care about them deeply because they sacrifice so much for our country.”

Morgan reveals, “The Military are such a wonderful group of people who are so loyal to one another, which is why it is very important to give them excellent service. It’s imperative to understand their language, their needs and their circumstances because they deserve the utmost respect for protecting our country and fighting for our freedoms. I never take what they do for granted and I am truly honored to be able to assist them in any way that I can.”

After high school, Bob worked in the textile mill as the Weaving Mechanical Supervisor while attending Southern University College. He later worked for Kimberly Clark Corporation before becoming a tire builder for Michelin Tire Company. It was during this time that Bob decided to get his Real Estate license & begin his current career.

Bob is a Certified New Home Specialist; Certified Marketing Specialist; USAA Certified; Multi-Million Dollar Club; Lifetime member of the Columbus Board of Realtors Circle of Excellence; Phenix City Board of Realtors Circle of Merit; a facilitator of Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University, proud owner of German Shepherd dogs and a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Ellerslie, Georgia.

In the 1980’s Gail became a licensed Realtor and like many other homemakers, she thought it would be a ‘cool’ part-time job. “It didn’t quite work out that way!” She says, “I loved working in real estate but with teenage children still at home, I soon realized that it was too much of a sacrifice of family time.” Therefore, Gail decided to attend Columbus State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. She worked in banking for 15 years before retiring in 2011. “To be a great Realtor, you must be full-time and very committed, so many years after my children were grown, I retired from Wells Fargo and became a full-time Real Estate agent working with my husband, Bob.”

Gail is currently a member of the Columbus Board of Realtors, the Phenix City Board of Realtors, the Georgia Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. A member of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Gail facilitates Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes, loves her German Shepherd dogs, cats, chickens, cooking, sewing, gardening and volunteers at Sound Choices Pregnancy Center.

Morgan graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. She says, “I really wanted to be a Physician’s Assistant because I always wanted to help people. Then, my grandparents came to me and said ‘We really need your help… why don’t you come join our team?’ I had no idea of what I was getting into, but I was excited and I loved it! I got my Real Estate license in two months and I am so very blessed to have my grandparents in my life. They are extremely supportive of me and encourage me in everything that I do.”

Morgan is a member of the Columbus Board of Realtors Circle of Excellence, the Phenix City Board of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. She was awarded the Rookie of the Year for 2016 by the Columbus Board of Realtors. An avid fitness expert, she teaches BUTI yoga and loves her daily workouts. Morgan is a member of the Junior League of Columbus and enjoys playing on a kickball team with her high school sweetheart & boyfriend of 10 years.

Bob says, “I am so proud of Morgan and I’m so grateful to have her with us, and Gail is my best friend… she keeps me on the straight and narrow. We value the Christian principles and we treat our clients the way Jesus would treat anyone.”

Gail says, “I couldn’t be more excited to have Morgan on our team, and I love the fact that Bob is such a good Christian. He’s got a beautiful heart and soul. We give credit to God for our success. It is a blessing from God and we acknowledge that. All of our clients were sent to us by God and we are here to serve them.”

Bob likes working with buyers and meeting new people. He enjoys showing them houses and guiding them through the homebuying process while Gail loves helping the sellers and giving them good home staging & financial advice. It’s a match made in heaven!

Morgan says, “We’ve built our brand around the Military and Veterans. If you don’t tap into that, you’re missing out on a phenomenal group of people! They can make a choice as to who they want to work with and we’re here for them. We know what we’re talking about.”

Gail agrees. “If I were in the Military, I would want to work with an MRP because they went the extra mile to show that they care and that they are knowledgeable about VA loans and all aspects of Military life. 90% of our clients are Military so we thought it was very important that we all have the Military Relocation Professional Certification.”

For more information about “The McLain & Batson Team”, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
The McLain & Batson Team
Century 21 Premier Real Estate
(706) 888-4063
[email protected]

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                          ******* HAWAII *******

HAWAII - Stacie SegoviaWheeler Army Airfield; Schofield Barracks; Fort Shafter; Pohakuloa Training Center; Station Maui Coast Guard Base; USCG Integrated Support Command (ISC) Honolulu; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam; Marine Base Hawaii; Schofield BarracksTripler Army Medical Center 

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"I wanted to help the individuals that protect us by serving our country. When Military members and their families come here, I want to help find a safe place for them.”
Stacie Segovia

HONOLULU, HAWAII , USA, June 29, 2017 / -- Stacie Segovia is a beautifully enlightened spirit whose presence is felt by everyone who is within and around her sphere.

Stacie is a gifted Real Estate agent in Hawaii, working with Century 21 All Islands Fine Homes & Estates. Born in Honolulu, Stacie went to Pearl City High School and then to Cannon’s Business College graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. Shortly thereafter, her uncle, Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hayashi, asked her to travel with him to California, where he was to be stationed at March Air Force Base. She met him in Falls Church, Virginia, to drive with him to the West Coast. Reflecting upon her experience on the East Coast, Stacie says, “I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian Museums in the area. I spent my days walking around Washington, D.C. and loved it. My uncle and I decided to take our time and leisurely drive across the country to California”

Once in California, Stacie lived in Torrance for twenty-three years, where she worked at American Honda Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, USA, where she was employed for 15 years. Her positions at Toyota were Database Administrator, Project Manager, and Information Security Management. While living in California and working full-time at Toyota Motor Corporation USA, Stacie decided to pursue Real Estate during that time because she always wanted to learn about what it takes to make a house a home. While taking the real estate class the Broker, Jim Utterbeck, with Century 21 Action, gently encouraged her to take the exam. He said, “You have a great personality and you would be a terrific Real Estate agent. If you pass the exam, I will hire you.” She passed and he hired her.

As life happens, Stacie’s parents were getting older and she didn’t hesitate when her father asked if she would consider moving back home to Hawaii and help to take care of them. She and her sister continue to care for her parents. Memories of her life experiences beckoned Stacie to reflect upon her recollections. “In California,” she recalls, “I kept my Hawaiian culture within myself so that I didn’t lose touch with where I came from. You can lose some of that ‘Aloha Spirit’ that you were born with when you leave Hawaii. It was important for me to treat everyone with respect, keep a smile on my face and say ‘hello’ to everyone who I met. Some people thought I was trying to flirt with them, but that was not the case. My nature is just friendly and that’s who I am.”

When Stacie returned to Honolulu, she reunited with some of her dearest friends. Stacie reveals, “My hula teacher, Kekimoku Yoshikawa suggested that I look up Gwen Kamisugi to learn Lauhala Weaving, which is the plaiting of leaves. I learned to make hats, purses, pillows, bracelets, baskets, book covers and mats – which I currently sell strictly by word of mouth. My work has been on exhibition at Queen Emma’s Summer Palace, the summer retreat for Queen Emma of Hawaii from 1857 to 1885. It is a historical landmark preserved by Daughters of Hawaii. Eventually my experience led to me becoming a lauhala teacher ‘kumu lauhala’. My main objective for lauhala weaving is to continue to perpetuate the art and culture of lauhala.”

As a Realtor, Stacie says, “I really enjoy being able to see individuals finally get to have what their dream has always been, which is to own or live in their dream house in Hawaii, yet it is still a seller’s market with a massive Military population.”

When reflecting upon the Military, which brings millions of dollars into the State of Hawaii each year, Stacie has her own viewpoint upon the matter. “The Military individuals are being out-bid by investors who are coming to the Islands with cash. It breaks my heart to tell them that they were outbid. But, when it happens and they finally do get into their house, it’s the best feeling in the world to me. You WANT your sellers to know that the people they sold their house to are going to love it the way they loved it.”

An epiphany came over Stacie while driving around Hawaii with her brother, a Police Officer. She saw Military members ‘driving like crazy’ as she explains. “My brother reminded me that many of them have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and we need to be more sympathetic and not judge as we do not know everyone’s story. At that moment I immediately knew I wanted to help the individuals that protect us by serving our country. When Military members and their families come here, I want to help find a safe place for them."

Stacie continues, “My broker told me about the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification for Real Estate agents. Since we have a lot of Veterans here as many of them want to retire in Hawaii it was a great opportunity for me to help. I want to give back to the Military because I didn’t serve and I want to help in any way that I can due to the respect I have for them on all levels.”

Stacie serves the entire Island of Oahu, including Honolulu, Ewa Beach, Kunia, Kapolei, Makakiko, Millani, Pearl City, Waipahu, Aiea, Salt Lake, Kaneohe, Kailua, Wailua and North Shore.

Stacie welcomes Military members and families who are retiring or PCS’ing to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Schofield Barracks, Fort Shafter, Kaneohe Marine Corps Base and all other Military communities in Hawaii.

For more information about Stacie Segovia, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:

Stacie Segovia
CENTURY 21 All Islands Fine Homes & Estates
[email protected]

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HAWAII Reserved For Rachel Joy Nisperos ~ Wheeler Army Airfield; Schofield Barracks; Fort Shafter; Pohakuloa Training Center; Station Maui Coast Guard Base; USCG Integrated Support Command (ISC) Honolulu; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam; Marine Base Hawaii; Schofield BarracksTripler Army Medical Center

Pending Publication

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


Rachel-Joy Nisperos is a warmhearted, compassionate and extremely committed Real Estate agent at Century 21 All Islands Fine Homes & Estates in Oahu, Hawaii.

Rachel was born in Hilo, Hawaii and moved to the Baguio City in the Philippines when she was seven years old. This is where she learned to speak, read and write the Tagalog and Ilocano languages. 

She says, “Growing up in the Philippines was tough. We lived up in the hills with just one road in and one road out. When it stormed, no one could come up or down. Sometimes, I only had one meal per day and we had no flowing water. We had to go to an area where there was a pump and I would get the water, fill up a barrel and carry it to the house.”

When Rachel returned to Hawaii, she vowed to never leave the beautiful Islands again. Her first job was as a salesperson at a shoe store. She loved it because she got to interact with interesting people from all walks of life. At this time, her brothers, Kome and Jay joined the Military, serving over thirty years in the Army and Marines.

Rachel then went to work at Liberty House (which is now Macy’s Department Store) making just commission only. “I made a lot of money.” She recalls, “I took good care of people because, essentially, people want to feel cared for and treated well rather than just buying a product. Because of this, I kept getting repeat customers.”

Rachel decided to do something different when she became pregnant with her daughter, Gabrielle, and she saw an ad in the paper looking for a ward clerks at the local hospital. She had to pass a rigorous test for the position. She remembers that experience well. “There were over 1,200 applicants for only 25 positions. I passed the test and the interview so I was one of the 25 chosen to work at St. Francis Hospital. It was one of the first times that I was truly proud of myself.”

When her children were older she worked as a receptionist at an escrow company. At the same time, her twin boys, Adrian and John were also working in the Real Estate industry – as a Loan Officer and Realtor, respectively. Rachel says, “When I worked there, the Realtors would come in to pick up their checks. I saw how huge their checks were and they came into the office casually dressed and made a ton of money so I said to myself, ‘I’m in the wrong business!’ So, I researched everything I needed to, went to school and got my Real Estate license in 2006.”

Rachel and her husband, Brian, bought a Townhome in Oahu and she became a full-time Real Estate agent with Prudential. “I learned so much there. I had a lot of training. We have to abide by a great deal of rules and regulations and there are so many laws that we have to adhere to as well. My first client was my son, Adrian and he still lives in the house today.”

Brian and Rachel divorced in 2008 and she had a difficult time paying for her Townhome. She was too proud to reach out for help, lost her home and became homeless. She left for Maui to re-group. “I was so ashamed and depressed over the situation.” She recalls, “I was a Realtor and I lost my home. If I only knew then what I know now, I could have saved my house. That’s why I am so passionate about helping people in need. I will do anything to get them a place to call home and keep it.”

Rachel took a job as a restaurant manager on a salary. She received many awards for being great at customer service, taking pride in helping people. She then got back into Real Estate and took that philosophy with her. She truly cares about her clients.

Rachel is a proud born again Christian. Having God in her life keeps her grounded. “His Word means everything to me.” She says, “His promises are true. When I became born again, my entire life changed. I am nothing without Him and I cannot live without His guidance. I have been blessed to now have my beautiful grandchildren and they are the loves of my life.”

Rachel found out about the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification through her company, Century 21 All Islands. She says, “I have a lot of friends and family in the Military and I’m passionate about their tremendous sacrifices. I volunteered at the Veteran’s Center in Honolulu and I remember when one Veteran came up to me in tears saying, ‘I didn’t know I could have bought a home with no money down. If I had known that, would have bought one a long time ago.’ I said to him, ‘Don’t worry. I can still help you,’ I honestly believe that every Veteran in America should own a piece of the land that they defended. Their sacrifices – along with the sacrifices of their families – are deserving of so much. They have protected us and it is our duty to protect them.”

Rachel earned her MRP Certification because she thought it would be a great addition to her skill set.

She knows, extensively, how the VA loan works and what Veterans and Active-Duty Military families need when it comes to buying or selling a home.

When Rachel got back into Real Estate, she came back with a vengeance. She has a different mindset and a different outlook. “I’m proud to say that I’m one of the top agents in my company which has hundreds of agents.”

For more information about “Military Friendly” agent Rachel-Joy Nisperos, please visit these important websites.


Media Contact:

Rachel-Joy Nisperos

Century 21 All Islands

(808) 372-0314

[email protected]

HAWAII Reserved For Robert "Scott" Walker  ~ 
Wheeler Army Airfield; Schofield Barracks; Fort Shafter; Pohakuloa Training Center; Station Maui Coast Guard Base; USCG Integrated Support Command (ISC) Honolulu; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam; Marine Base Hawaii; Schofield Barracks; Tripler Army Medical Center

Pending Publication

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


Scott Walker is a meticulous, determined and highly acclaimed Realtor® at Century 21 All Agents in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. He is a Marine Veteran who was born at the Bethesda Military Hospital in Maryland.

Scott’s father relocated in the Military and the family to California, where he graduated from Lakewood High School. In less than 30 days of graduation, Scott was in boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, and trained in the marksmansmith program. 

He says, “If you don’t qualify in rifles, you can’t be a Marine. As a Marine, you are always known as a Rifleman no matter what your role is. Your secondary role is your job.”

Scott’s first duty-station was at Camp Pendleton where he worked in transportation and motor vehicle operations, utilizing the M151 Jeep and the Deuce ½ - the M35 2½-ton cargo truck. He then joined the 1st Marine Division Truck Company, often travelling to 29 Palms to perform operations where they practiced the scenarios at to exactly what they would be doing in combat.

Shortly thereafter, he was transferred to Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay in the Artillery Unit. He then became an instructor at the Brigade schools, teaching recruits how to drive the Marine Corps vehicles. He says, “It was basically 4-wheeling, training them how to drive tactically. We camped out on the beach and the mission was to learn how to repair vehicles in rough terrain. You have to keep them going no matter what. Tires, axles, holes in the gas tank – and in the worst- case scenario, destroy the vehicle with an incendiary grenade so that the enemy can’t take it and use it against you.”

Scott then went on an 18-month tour in Okinawa, Japan. Now a Corporal, he traveled with a transportation airwing unit which supported Japan and South Korea. “One of the best experiences I had there was that I got to climb Mt. Fuji” he recalls.

Scott later deployed to Somalia - two times - for humanitarian efforts, doing convoy escorts and transporting grain vehicles. This was at the beginning of the evolution of reverse osmosis for water purification for the troops. They were in the middle of the desert doing guard-duty with night vision goggles, securing the camp. He left Somalia right before the Black Hawk Down incident.

Scott went back to Camp Pendleton and often, during down times, he would play ‘War Games’ with his fellow Marines, creating the Red and Blue Teams who would role-play, trying to capture the enemies and ambush the opponent. He says, “It was a way for us to relax and have some fun while still engaging in activities that we enjoyed.” He then deployed to the Gulf War and was in one of the first Units to go to Saudi Arabia before moving into Kuwait. He provided security for the convoys and transported fuel and equipment for the Units. He went back to the United States before being deployed to Greece, where he was stationed in Thessaloniki,

Back at Camp Pendleton again, Scott transferred to the 1st Marine Division Truck Company, where he taught all of the “Grunt Units” everything they needed to get from Point A to Point B. He then transferred to the higher echelon of logistics as a G-4 which provides policy guidance, analytic support and programmatic oversight of Supply Operations, accountability and management of Marine Corps Garrison Property (GP) and other property aboard Marine Corps Installations. He describes his position as being in charge of a system of checks and balances for the maintenance of Military vehicles.

Scott was then transferred to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he went to the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion (AAB). This Battalion's primary weapon system is the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV). The AAV is a 27.5-ton armored vehicle that carries up to 21 combat-loaded Marines and is armed with the UGWS (Up-Gunned Weapons Station), which mounts a .50 cal (12.7 mm) M2HB machine gun and a Mk-19 40 mm grenade launcher. The AAV is the only armored vehicle in the U.S. inventory that is fully capable of operations, both on land and in the ocean. The battalion is part of the 1st Marine Division and the I Marine Expeditionary Force.

Scott says, “I was essentially the eyes and ears of the General while at Camp Lejeune. I was grabbed by the 2nd Marine Division ‘Roadmaster’ and we escorted convoys to Virginia for their Operations. We operated heavy vehicles, tanks and the amphibious tractors, which we call ‘amtracks’.”

After an illustrious career in the Marines, Scott decided to retire. On the day of his retirement party, he turned on the television and saw the events of 9/11 unfold. Naturally, he wanted to continue serving his country, but his paperwork had been completed. He decided to continue to be of service to his fellow man by becoming a Real Estate agent. He says, “I like dealing with people on my own hours. I truly enjoy helping people. I got my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification because I wanted my education to be meaningful. It brought back a lot of memories and pointed out things that I didn’t even know. It makes me better equipped to serve our Veterans and Active-Duty families.”

Scott has been married twice. His first wife, Sherri served 6 years in the Marine Corps and they have a beautiful daughter named Danielle, who gave birth to his beloved granddaughter, Alexis. His current wife, Georgina, served 29 years in the Military. She spent 10 years Active-Duty in the Marine Corp, 10 years in the Reserve and retired as a Captain in the Air Force.

Scott and Georgina live in Hawaii. His service areas include Ewa Beach, Waikele, Kapolei, Mililani, Kaneohe and Kailua.

For more information about “Military-Friendly Agent” Scott Walker, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:

Scott Walker

Century 21 All Islands

(808) 372-8331

[email protected]

                        *******  IDAHO  *******

IDAHO - Jody Hinton ~ Mountain Home Air Force Base

Press Release
By Allison Sledge


"I was always very proud of my parents who cared for the enlisted Soldiers during the Korean conflict and committed their lives to service to our country."
Jody Hinton

BOISE, IDAHO, USA, November 3, 2015 / -- Jody Hinton is an Associate Broker at Group One Real Estate in Boise, Idaho with 17 years of residential real estate experience. She and twin brother, Joseph were named after their father, Major Joseph D. Witmer.

Jody was born at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota where both parents were nurses at the base hospital. Captain Dorothy M. Abbott, outranked Joseph Sr. when they met. Both had recently returned to the U.S. following deployment to Korea. Jody says, “I was always very proud of my parents who cared for the enlisted Soldiers during the Korean conflict and committed their lives to service to our country.”

Following her parents’ marriage and the birth of the twins the Witmer family transferred to Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA where their second daughter, Kathleen, was born. Jody’s dad received orders for anesthesia school. Dorothy reluctantly gave up her commission in order to stay at home to raise the children. With three children in diapers and Joe in school, they lived on very little money. Somehow they found a way, as most Military families do.

Next the family got orders for Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee Falls. Joe traveled to Massachusetts ahead of them to find housing. At this time, Dorothy was pregnant with their third daughter, Mary Theresa, and everyone felt it was best for her and the children to stay near Joseph’s family in Nampa, Idaho. Sadly, Mary Theresa was born with spina bifida, a birth frailty where there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. Mary Theresa spent most of her life in the hospital and passed away at the age of two in 1965 after the move to MA.

As difficult as this situation was for the family, they joined Joseph in Massachusetts just prior to Mary Theresa’s death and it was there that they welcomed their second son and fifth child, Stephen, into the world.

New orders came and Joseph was transferred and traveled ahead of the family again to Lajes Field in the Azores Islands, Portugal, which is a multi-use airfield and home to the Portuguese Air Force. It would be three months before the young family would be reunited.

Jody reflects on the incredible strength and fortitude of her mother “My mother had to make all of the arrangements and travel overseas with four young children under the age of five. Her spirits were buoyed by her faith, amazing Military family neighbors, and the letters that she exchanged with my dad. I have those letters today. This is an example of some of the everyday challenges and sacrifices that our Military families face on a daily basis. My heart goes out to all of the Military families then and since.”

Jody’s parents devoted their lives to the United States Military, Additional stations included Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX and Broomall, PA where Joseph earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.

The family was transferred to Chanute AFB in Rantoul, IL where Jody’s mother earned a Master’s Degree in Community Health from the University of Illinois and was inducted into the Veterans Honor Society. “It was 1972. At 13 I remember attending base functions and checking the Vietnam MIA list for the name on my MIA bracelet. I still have that bracelet.”

In 1974 Joseph was transferred to Adana, Turkey at Incirlik Air Base – home to the 39th Air Wing, which provides vital support to 20 Units, including the Squadrons of the 39th Mission Support and the 39th Medical Group. It was there that Joseph Witmer died on Active Duty. It was suspected he had contracted hepatitis which was something he frequently treated Military personnel for in Turkey.

Jody says, “My father died on December 28th, 1976. He and my mother gave me a rare life. Life as a Military dependent offered me a chance to experience the world abroad and to gain a greater appreciation for my own country. My perspective on the world has been indelibly changed and broadened as a direct result of our Military life. I learned to develop empathy, understanding, and acceptance for cultural differences. I am profoundly grateful. I cherish every moment as a 'Military brat' and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Jody reflects on this monumental moment in the life of her family, especially her mother. “When my dad died overseas, my mom had to move all of us back to the United States. We mourned not only my dad, but the end of our life in the Military. My father had a huge family in Boise, Idaho and she felt it was best for us to live here. Mom is 86. She runs a parish nursing program at St. John’s Cathedral in Boise. Even at 86 she can’t deny her calling.”

Jody’s trajectory in life has been greatly influenced by her Catholic parents. She graduated from Bishop High School and the University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications specializing in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising.

She married and has four beautiful children; Abby, Charley, Hailey and Aryn and makes her life, as her dad had always imagined, in Boise, Idaho.

It was after Jody accompanied her mom during her own home purchase that she decided on Real Estate as a profession. Jody appreciated her Real Estate agent’s role as a trusted advisor. Jody felt that to fill that role in someone else’s real estate transaction would be a worthy pursuit and suitable career. Her lifetime spent relocating and learning to communicate and empathize with new people and surroundings was a rich training ground for her chosen path as a Realtor.

Jody is now a well-established and respected Real Estate Associate Broker in the State of Idaho.

To find out more about Jody Hinton, please visit these websites.

Media Contact:
Jody Hinton
Group One Realty
(208) 559-5104
[email protected]

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                         *******  ILLINOIS *******

                         *******  INDIANA *******

                         *******  IOWA   *******

IOWA - Barry Hesse ~ VA Central Iowa Health Care System

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"I wanted to finish my career by helping as many Military families as possible as I BEST relate to them and our shared values."
Barry Hesse

DES MOINES, IOWA , USA, December 5, 2016 / -- Barry Hesse is a “street smart” educated, ethical and experienced REALTOR® at RE/MAX Real Estate Group in Des Moines, Iowa.

Barry says, “My practice is to inform my potential Clients about ALL aspects of real estate which may pertain to them and simplify it into smaller bites to answer their questions. Today’s information is instantly on the internet, it’s easy for people to acquaint themselves with ALL the data they THINK they NEED, however if they do NOT know where to apply the 

RIGHT information at the RIGHT time, it’s POINTLESS, because real estate is such a TOUGH subject."

Barry was born in Perry, Iowa, and graduated from Panora-Linden High School. Drake University was next in his educational travels, majoring in History and having a strong interest in Religion as it historically related to his Major nearly resulting in a double Major of the two subjects. He muses, “I find it interesting the three major religions originated in the same area of the Arab world, yet many viewpoints and practices are diametrically opposed to each other.”

Barry feels he had a blessed childhood growing up on an Iowa farm that his mom and dad worked together calling it their “hobby” as well as both working 2nd jobs, his dad as a carpenter and his mom an elementary school teacher providing a comfortable life.

He feels he learned a lot about 'people' from working livestock with his dad by showing him how to read various animal signals and observing his parents people skills, whether working on someone’s farm buildings OR interacting with parents regarding their children’s education. He took his combined experiences and knowledge applying them to his real estate career.

After college, Barry went to work at Ryder’s Automotive Diesel Mechanic School as a Student Services Coordinator, i.e. student housing, loans and job placement. He began as a Lead Developer going to high school shop classes to inform students about his school’s curriculum and its six full ride tuition scholarship awards in their auto/diesel program each year.

Because of the multifaceted things he was doing, Barry asked for a 10% raise and was denied it, thus changing the direction of his life. He recalls, “I decided I wanted to do something where no one could tell me what I was worth, so I went to real estate school, got my license and began working for Universal Realty.”

As a twenty-five year old when Barry entered the world of real estate, it was a time when there were very few young Agents in the business. “I was a baby-faced kid who looked at real estate as a way for me to have the most flexibility...”

Barry says, “…the only way I could compete with those older Agents who had been around for a long time was to trade knowledge for experience and primarily I worked with 1st time home-buyers who didn’t care about my age as I was one of their peers and NOT someone bossing them around like a parent.”

To that end, Barry has consistently taken classes offered by the National Association of REALTORS® - NAR® beginning with his GRI® which he compares to a first year on-the job apprenticeship by gaining knowledge or refining his habits so as not to spin or reinvent the wheel.

NAR® states the Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI®) is the mark of a Real Estate Professional who has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services by securing a strong educational foundation.

Barry says, “As Agents, we quickly learn to communicate with other REALTORS® who share similar values and education, especially when we are referring clients to one another. GRI® is a great starting designation because it really solidifies the processes... as a house has a basement, GRI® provides the foundation to establish an Agent early in their career.”

NAR® educationally has a natural progression which normally is to earn a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS®) designation. The CRS® is the highest credential awarded to residential sales agents, managers and brokers and truly enhances what the GRI lays out as a foundation. Less than 4% of over 2 million licensees in the United States have a CRS® designation.

Barry holds the ABR® - Accredited Buyer’s Representative and SRES® Senior Real Estate Specialist designations as well.

Most recently he earned his Military Relocation Professional (MRP®) Certification - training REALTORS® to the special real estate needs of our Military and their families. “My Dad, two Uncles, my Sister and numerous others in my life have served in the Navy OR the other Military branches,” he says, “I wanted my MRP® Certification to better understand and appreciate who my potential Military Clients are and what their needs are TODAY. An example is when Military people come in, they are very limited on time and what they must accomplish during that short window of opportunity, so it’s very important for me to walk in sync with them and not the other way around. I wanted to finish my career by helping as many Military families as possible as I BEST relate to them and our shared values.”

Barry understands the significance of the internet and social media in its importance to the real estate industry. “People are shopping for knowledge and personalities when they go online to search for a real estate Agent. Many people don’t have an Agent and they’re hoping to find someone similar to them helping them and representing their interests during the buying or selling process. My mission, what drives me in my business, is to find and provide better real estate services than 90+% of the other Agents, before they work with another Agent who provides less… by being a Military-friendly real estate professional, is one way to accomplish my mission.”

Barry is proud to be of service to those relocating to be near the VA Central Iowa Health Care System.

For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Barry Hesse, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Barry Hesse
(515) 249-0084
RE/MAX Real Estate Group
[email protected]

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                                    *******  KANSAS  ********

                       *******  KENTUCKY ******* 

KENTUCKY - Joyce Erskine-Jordan ~ Fort Knox

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"Our nation’s Military sacrifice so much to protect us. We must thank them for their continued vigilance. Without their sacrifices, we have no voice, no freedom or protection."
Joyce Erskine-Jordan

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, USA, May 13, 2016 / -- Joyce Erskine-Jordan was born in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated from Presentation Academy. From there she went to St. Joseph’s Infirmary associated with Spalding University to become a nurse.

She went on to work for a doctor for only a couple of years because her parents invited a young man over for dinner one night, and she says, “That was it”. He happened to be widowed and had two of the most precious little boys. “That really did it”, she said. Greg was four and Chris, one and a half. She was now a stay at home mom. A couple years later came Martin then Caroline and happy go lucky, Timothy.

When the children were all in school, Joyce decided to go back to work. While on a trip, she was influenced by a Florida Real Estate agent to get her license. Perfect. This was an answer to having the freedom to work around her children’s activities and should one get sick.

So she got her Realtor license in 1978 and looked forward to being her own boss, good life with flexibility and good paychecks. Uh oh! Being your own boss was not a fact, she found out. In the real picture, your client was the boss. Joyce knows her strong point, however, is service, and that fits in quite well to meeting her client’s needs.

Joyce and her husband divorced after the children were independent but remained good friends, sharing holidays and special events with the children. After his death, and twenty years later, she met Paul Jordan who joined the RE/MAX team in her office. Funny thing. He had been there two years before they met. “Ordinarily, that would be unlikely,” she said, “but our office is full of extremely busy agents. Either the agent was out with clients or on the computer. It was the strangest thing. Right after I would transfer to another office, Paul came into it. Just missing each other. About ten years of that.” After graduating from Western, Paul joined the Air Force and after that, went into insurance but found Real Estate (Commercial) his forte.

Joyce has been touched by military all her life. Her foster dad was a pilot in the Navy, her brother in the Navy, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins in the army. She cannot sit whenever she hears the National Anthem. Seeing or passing someone in the military takes her breath away because her appreciation and gratitude can overwhelm her.

Joyce was reared in an orphanage from age eight. Her parents were too poor to take care of us and divorced.

Naturally, she felt abandoned but the hardest thing to bear of all, was the separation from her siblings. Boys in one orphanage, girls in another. Joyce grew to forgive her parents but they would not play a part in the rest of her life. Happily so, it has with her siblings. She believes in being happy were ever you are and carry it on to all in your life and those whose paths you cross.

Upon graduating from the orphanage, Joyce chose to live in foster care believing her chances of continued education were better. It took three foster homes before she knew ‘she was home’. “I was sixteen years old and few people will take in older kits. But to them, I was their daughter.”

Being the typical mother, Joyce’s children are everything to her. “Now I have a wonderful husband (who had no children) who is supporting my love for them. Greg is an Accountant: Martin writes and arranges music, mostly for Disney: Caroline has returned to school with ambitions of being a nurse and Tim is a very successful photographer and fabulous actor!”

The most difficult and emotional subject for Joyce to talk about is her beloved son, Chris. At age 46 he took his own life. “Chris was a beautiful but troubled soul.” She explains, “He graduated from Johnson Wales Culinary School at the top of his class. Oh what a fabulous cook he was! His gift to us at Christmas was to prepare the dinner. He would also cook for me when I entertained. He owned his own gourmet restaurant called ‘The Glass Onion Gourmet’. He was a major Beatles fan. Bi-Polar is a terrible thing to be afflicted with, but I was there a couple of times to prevent him from doing what he eventually did. He moved to Atlanta and got too far away from our watchful eyes. I take solace knowing that his spirit is with me, and I deeply cherish all the life I had with him.”

One of Joyce’s most endearing qualities is her candor, honesty and ability to converse on myriad levels of multiple subjects. She appreciates her Catholic upbringing and was let to be interested in discovering the truth of religion and spirituality, no matter where she finds it.

Joyce has deep reverence and veneration for the United States Military and was excited to earn her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification. She says, “Our nation’s Military sacrifice so much to protect us. We must thank them for their continued vigilance. Without their sacrifices, we have no voice, no freedom or protection. God bless all parents who must sacrifice their child for us, hopefully only a short time of their life, and especially God comfort those whose precious children do not return.” Joys enjoys serving the Fort Knox community.

Joyce’s personal Pledge is: “I treat people the way I would expect to be treated . . . with honesty and integrity. This is my commitment to you, and I will certainly do all I can to make your home/property buying, selling, investing, exchanging and/or relocating a joyful experience for you!”

For more information about Joyce Erskine-Jordan, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:

Joyce Erskine-Jordan
RE/MAX Properties East
(502) 727-7999

j[email protected]

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LOUISIANA - Joyce Albert ~ Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"Military families and Veterans are the backbone of the brave men and women who serve this nation. I am honored to help them find homes when deployed or relocating to the Greater New Orleans Area."
Joyce Albert

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, September 9, 2016
-- Joyce Albert is a knowledgeable, masterful Real Estate agent/broker at Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals in Slidell, Louisiana.

Slidell is situated on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in St. Tammany Parish, approximately ten miles across Lake Pontchartrain from the famed and beloved City of New Orleans, where Joyce serves the communities surrounding Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans.

Joyce was born in Kansas City, Missouri. At age 6 her family moved to Memphis, TN, then a number of other places, finally settling in Kansas City, Kansas where Joyce graduated from Wyandotte High School. She recalls, “It was an amazing school. The campus (24 acres) was more like a small college than a high school, and the curriculum was phenomenal. I feel fortunate to have experienced such a unique learning experience at such a young age.”

Upon graduation, Joyce attended Kansas City, Missouri Jr. College because, “I wanted to be a teacher” she says, “I admired teachers to no end. I was always a good student and I loved school with a passion.” However, due to finances, Joyce had to set aside her dream of being a teacher, and enrolled in business school instead. Here she aced double-entry bookkeeping. Joyce says, “It was so linear and logical, and since I’ve always loved mathematics, super easy for me!”

While in business school, Joyce was working as a waitress when she met the most handsome man, a Navy officer who happened to be stationed at the Olathe Naval Air Station just south of Kansas City. “Herb looked so damn good in his uniform, and had a quiet, shy quality about him,” she fondly reminisces. “So when he finally got up the courage to ask me for a date, and the manager said I’d have to work that night or be fired, I quit! Guess I just knew he was worth it.”

A year later, Herb discharged from the service and moved back to his hometown, New Orleans. A short time later, Joyce decided to join Herb in the Crescent City where they had a storybook wedding, replete with everything that a grand wedding entails.

They soon bought a home and Joyce became a stay at home mom to their two children, Jeff and Jenny. She says, “It was absolutely wonderful. Almost every day I would take them on my bicycle to get groceries, or over to the park to play. I really enjoyed those early years with my kids… memories I will cherish forever.”

When the children began pre-school, Joyce decided to register at the University of New Orleans to complete her degree. However, this time she majored in Accounting, a decision that has taken her far in her career.

Joyce’s life didn’t work out exactly as planned, and eventually she and Herb divorced. It was shortly thereafter, that Joyce was hired by a local Trucking Company as an accountant. She says, “I’d finish my work and ask my boss, who was a CPA, what else can I do? Well, luckily for me, he handed off so much of his spreadsheets and general ledger duties, that over time I learned most of the components of his job… or at least all the accounting functions. So when he was later laid off and I was asked if I could do his job, I said of course! …And what I didn’t know, I’d learn. So they made me the Controller, and from there I started learning the rest of what I didn’t know about the trucking business.”

At this time, it was highly unusual for a woman to be in such a position in what was still a man’s world. Joyce says, “I started learning everything there was to know about 18-wheelers – things like ‘5th wheels’, ‘headache racks’ and ‘deadheading’. We had 80 over-the-road trucks, 120 flatbeds, and a 24-hr shop to keep up with it all. So when the owners asked about computerizing our operation, I was all in. We bought a mainframe IBM System 36 (for all you old-school computer geeks out there) and integrated all of the dispatch/sales operations, driver payrolls, and shop inventory/repairs - all feeding into one very sophisticated accounting system. What an adventure!”

Ultimately, Joyce became the General Manager and Executive Vice President of that company. So years later when the company was sold, with all of her knowledge and experience, it was only natural that she stayed in transportation. Joyce took over an intermodal trucking company at the Port of New Orleans moving import/export shipping containers to and from the port.

As everyone knows, Hurricane Katrina was a game changer for many people living in the greater New Orleans area, including Joyce. It was shortly thereafter that Joyce decided to slow it down. She left trucking to become a Real Estate agent. “I welcomed the change of pace, as well as the freedom and flexibility to work my own hours. I was finally able to spend more time with my family, especially my grandchildren.” It was only a matter of time before she obtained her Broker’s license simply because, as she put it, “I wanted to find out what I didn’t know.”

Having been a Military Spouse, Joyce was delighted when she discovered that the National Association of Realtors offered a Certification for Military Relocation Professionals. She says, “It was a natural pipeline that I needed to tap into. Growing up, we moved 8 times by the time I was 16. So I know what it is to change schools and not know anyone, or try to fit into a new house that doesn’t quite fit you. That’s why I go out of my way to know who my clients are and what’s important to them, then try to fit them with the right house… the one that feels like home."

Media Contact:
Joyce Albert, Realtor® and Broker
Cell: 504-451-8343
[email protected]
Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals
Office: 985-649-6333
Slidell, LA
Licensed in the States of LA and MS
All offices independently owned and operated

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LOUISIANA - Theresa Miller ~ Barksdale Air Force Base

Press Release

By Allison Sledge


"I am so honored and privileged to be able to serve our local Military in the Barksdale Air Force Base community. Nothing is more satisfying than that."
Theresa Miller

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2016 / -- Theresa Miller is a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic Real Estate Agent at Century 21 Elite in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Theresa was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, where her father was with the MMS Squadron (that’s munitions maintenance) in the Air Force, stationed at Ramstein  Air Base.

The family relocated stateside to Kansas City, Missouri, where her father served at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base before transferring to Massachusetts at Hanscom Air Force Base, then back to Louisiana where he later retired from the Military after 21 years of service at Barksdale Air Force Base.

Theresa graduated from Parkway High School in Bossier City and went to Louisiana State University majoring in Liberal Arts with a minor in Secondary Education in History. She says, “I wanted to be a high school history teacher, but things have a way of changing. While I was in college, I meet and then got married to an Air Force man, Michael, who was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base. We soon had our first child, a son named Keith.”

Theresa’s family PCS’ed to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, where her daughter, Brittany, was born. She recalls, “I really loved Guam. It was like living in Hawaii – so what more could you ask for?” Theresa worked in Civilian Personnel on base as a Grade 7 until her family was re-stationed to Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia. They eventually transferred back to Barksdale Air Force Base where her husband received a medical discharge. Michael ultimately passed away from cancer…

Theresa was working at a wholesale food company as their Human Resources Director where she did everything from interviewing, hiring and firing for 18 years.

Theresa was newly single and not ready to be attached to anyone, but she met a man named Chris Miller who changed everything. “He was very different from anyone I had ever met before. We got married some four months later. He had an eight -year old son named Tyler, so I became a stepmother as well.”

Theresa and Chris had many things in common, including a love for traveling and going on cruises. They went to the Caribbean on their Honeymoon and have taken a cruise every year on their Anniversary. Together, they have been to numerous places such as Honduras, the Bahamas, Belize, Cancun, Cozumel, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

They also share a love for motorcycles and often take road trips to motorcycle rallies and events such as Sturgis and HOG Rallies around the country. Theresa has her own motorcycle a 2013 Harley Davidson Triglide.

This year, Theresa and Chris are the Duke and Duchess for the Krewe of Centaur. The Krewe of Centaur was organized in 1991. The Krewe is bound together by the common goals of building a better community and the pursuit of good family fun. The Krewe of Centaur Mardi Gras Parade has grown over the years to become the largest parade in the Ark-La-Tex. They are the largest Krewe in north Louisiana, and rival most those in New Orleans.

There were over 100,000 people who attend latest year’s Centaur parade and every year the attendance continues to grow for this 25 year old Krewe. This year’s ‘Midway to Mardi Gras Coronation Party,’ where the incoming Royalty are crowned, was especially electrifying for Theresa. She says, “It was so exciting! We were in the spotlight and there was so much confetti being thrown as Chris and I walked down the aisle through a sea of people. There was a lot of glitter everywhere and the only way I can describe it is like being a Rock Star on stage! We will serve the Krewe for the entire year and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it!”

When not attending the festivities, motorcycling or going on luxurious cruises, Theresa works as a Real Estate agent in her beloved cities of Shreveport-Bossier and the surrounding areas that include Barksdale Air Force Base.

Theresa began her career at Century 21 Elite as the Broker’s Executive Assistant where she trained new agents and helped them get their business up and running. She was dedicated to helping them make a smooth transition before getting her on Real Estate license in 2007. This was due to her daughter having her first baby, which was premature and Theresa wanting to be there for her grandchild. Her Broker suggested that she work part time as a Realtor as well as continue her work with the new agents. This worked out perfectly for her because of the flexibility it allowed.

Theresa found out about the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification via the Century 21 Online University. She says, “I thought I was the perfect candidate because of my previous experience - plus being a Military Brat as well as a Military Spouse. Who better to assist our Active-Duty service members and Veterans, than someone who knows the trials and tribulations related to PCS moves and relocation? I am so honored and privileged to be able to serve our local Military in the Barksdale Air Force Base community. Nothing is more satisfying than that.”

The host unit at Barksdale is the 2nd Bomb Wing (2 BW), the oldest Bomb Wing in the Air Force. More than 15,000 active-duty, Air Force Reserve members and civilians make up Barksdale's workforce. About 44 B-52 Stratofortress aircraft are also assigned to the wing.

Other areas that Theresa serves are Haughton, Elm Grove, Ringgold and Lake Bistineau area, Benton, Stonewall, Keithville, Minden, Mansfield and Springhill. Theresa is licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. Century 21 Elite is an independently owned and operated franchise under the Century 21 brand.

For More Information about “Military Friendly Agent” Theresa Miller, please visit these important websites:

Media Contact:
Theresa Miller
Century 21 Elite
8575 Fern Ave., Suite 105
Shreveport, LA 71105
(318) 422-4150
(318) 868-3600
[email protected]

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                       *******  MARYLAND  *******

MARYLAND Reserved For Barbara Raley Naval Air Station Patuxent River

                       *******  MICHIGAN  *******

                                  *******  MINNESOTA  *******

                       *******  MISSISSIPPI  *******

Press Release
By Allison Sledge

Gulfport, Mississippi REALTOR® Margie McFarland Acquires Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification

"When Military Staff And Their Families Relocate, The Service Of A Real Estate Professional Who Understands Their Needs Is Essential. I have worked with the Military in many capacities and I enjoy every minute of it because they are excellent to work with. Military families are very responsible and appreciative of what I do."

Margie McFarland

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI, USA, February 3, 2015 / -- Margie McFarland, Realtor®/Broker and owner of The Real Estate Marketplace, is thrilled to have received her MRP Certification.

 “I have worked with the Military in many capacities.” she says, “And I enjoy every minute of it because they are excellent to work with. I find that Military families are very responsible and appreciative of what I do, so attaining my Military Relocation Professional Certification provided me with additional education and knowledge to help me assist our service members in all capacities.”

A native of Kosciusko, Mississippi, Margie attended Holmes County Junior College to study business. From there she moved to Oxford, MS, where she evaluated houses for both the City and County of Oxford for tax purposes. This experience was the beginning of her desire to one day become a Realtor® and own her own business.

Other work-related opportunities that helped prepare Margie to become one of the most successful and respected Realtors in Mississippi include working at a bank in Public Relations where she went to hotels, motels and apartments to capture business for the bank, being a professional fundraiser for the March of Dimes and many other organizations, and teaching mentally and physically handicapped adults how to transition from school to independent living in their own homes.

After moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, “A friend of mine in real estate encouraged me and I knew that was what I should be doing,” she recalled. "I started taking classes and became a full-time Real Estate agent in 1993. It was actually a terrific time to get started because the Mississippi Coast casinos started booming and there were plenty of people looking to buy homes.”

There was also a lot of Military relocation in her area due to the proximity of Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi and the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport. 

In fact, her husband, John, is the Chairman and Master of Ceremonies at the annual “Salute to the Military” event where all branches of the Military come together for an exciting evening of fun and celebration. Special guests include the Governor of Mississippi, Senators, Congressmen and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “We have such a wonderful connection with the Military here” says Margie, “We get to mix and mingle with them and let them know how deeply we appreciate their service to our country and our community.”

Margie also credits her family for her success. “I have the most supportive family in the world. My siblings are so proud of what I do and are so encouraging. My husband and son step up to the plate when I have to work late and comfort me when things get tough. My sisters give me referrals all the way on the other side of the State. I couldn’t imagine a better support team.”

Margie operates her own business now as the Broker/Owner at The Real Estate Market Place. Inc. and has a wonderful group of people working with her. “I wanted Agents to be treated the way they should be treated” she says, “It’s easy to forget how hard Agents work for their clients. We don’t work 9 to 5. We have an obligation to our clients and we will do anything we can to make their experience with us a successful one. I wanted to train my Agents one-on-one in the art of listening, the art of patience and, especially, knowing what their clients want.”

Margie is also bringing her husband John, recently retired from 42 years in newspaper marketing and interactive media, and her son Chris, with years of retail sales and filmmaking experience, into the family business. They are currently preparing to get their Real Estate licenses.

Margie has two other Agents in the office who have their Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certifications, Cindy Pritchard and Jean Simms. Margie is also very excited to be able to get more of her Agents into the MRP classes once they become available and to get the word out about it. “You have to be proactive in this business.” 

She says, “You can’t sit around and expect business to come to you. You have to go out there and get it. I tell my Agents to not get discouraged because it’s well worth the effort when you see how pleased your customers are when you are the one who sold them the house that they fell in love with.”

Margie is a past President of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Association of Realtors, past President of the Mississippi Gulf Coast MLS, MARPAC Trustee for the State Association of Realtors, member of the Chamber of Commerce, past Realtor of the Year, and inducted into the MARPAC Hall of Fame. She currently serves on Local and State committees for Realtor associations, she is a member of National Business Women’s Association, and a member of the local chapter of Lighthouse Professional Women.

For more information about Margie McFarland, please visit these websites:

Media Contact:
Margie McFarland
The Real Estate Marketplace
(228) 265-5475
[email protected]

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                        *******  NEBRASKA *******

NEBRASKA Reserved For Scott Albers ~ Offutt Air Force BaseVA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System

                        *******  NEVADA *******