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      Facebook Is King In Real Estate Social Media Marketing! Watch This Video!!!

Word-Of-Mouth Is Still The #1 Way That People Recommend A Business.

Next in line? Facebook Reviews. It's the leading way people make recommendations online.  

If your Real Estate Competitors get more business than you, they probably have more Facebook Reviews (the vicious cycle begins). Time to prep your page, fill it with content, and start asking your clients for reviews!

Go To The Top Right Of Your Facebook Business

Page And Click Settings> Edit Page> Add A Tab. Then Click The Add Tab Button Next To The Box That Says Reviews.

Prep your Facebook page before bringing people on to review you. A barren page isn’t a place where consumers feel confident leaving a review. 

Your page Timeline should be fully-loaded with fresh daily content, pictures, and weekly articles and your Press Release.

Most agents delegate the page content posting to a Marketing Specialist to save time.  

At the closing, your client is in a positive frame of mind and at their peak point of gratitude. They are more likely to speak highly of you and recall the specific benefits of your service, so try to get the review on the spot. As you ask for the review, text your client the link to your Facebook Reviews right then and there. The link is your Facebook Page URL followed by “/reviews". It makes it hard to say no - and easy to say yes.

Remember, what you put in is what you’ll get out: Clients tend to mirror the tone, detail, and thoughtfulness displayed by you through your Facebook Page and in person when they write their review. Facebook Reviews are becoming increasingly important in the cutthroat Real Estate world and an engaging page complete with reviews is essential in today’s market.

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