Jean Singleton - MRP New York

Jean is an Associate Broker at Ron DiDonna Real Estate & Appraisals increases her level of commitment to the community of Veterans and Active Duty Military by earning her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification.

Her father was an Air Force Veteran, History teacher and Principal. He also was a “Military buff” and some of her earliest memories are of listening to him talk about Military campaigns and watching him put together models of the airplanes used by the Military.

Jean Says:

"Searching for Real Estate agents, who are Military Relocation Professionals (MRPs) on the open internet, often leaves Veteran’s and Active-Duty Military families disgruntled and frustrated. They want an agent who not only respects their service and sacrifices to our Country, but an agent who understands VA loans, time crunches and PCSing.

It takes a very committed and dedicated MRP to reach out to them to let them know that they meet and surpass these qualities and expectations.

Ask yourself these questions: 'Am I doing this? Is someone else doing this for me?' Chances are, the answer is NO - because if you GoogleMilitary Relocation Professional” in YOUR City and State, YOU are nowhere to be found – and there are hundreds if not thousands of MRPs in your State who claim to want Military clients.

In fact, those MRPs that are on the 1st page of  the Google Search Engine in your City and State do not have a 1,000 word Press Release introducing themselves to their prospective Military clients

Wouldn’t you like to surpass them in less than 2 hours of publication?

That’s what happened to me. I’m the very first MRP to show up in the Google search in Saratoga Springs, New York INSTANTLY upon publication of my Press Release and I am beyond impressed and thrilled with Allison Sledge's passionate work. I've done just about every type of advertising and promotion known to our industry and never have I found such satisfaction in the work that was promised and delivered. 

Moreover, the MRP Certification is just starting to become known in Military circles, largely due to this Company, – Military Real Estate Professionals – who goes above and beyond the call of duty to promote MRP’s everywhere online to the Military Bases and so much more. There is no other Company who does what they do and their ability to unite MRPs to their prospective Military clientele is second -to -none.

What more could you ask for?

I strongly encourage you, as one MRP to another, to get on board with this phenomenal company. You will be on the front line when a Veteran or Active-Duty Military family is looking to relocate to your area.

It is imperative for any Realtor to be the FIRST Realtor that anyone sees when they are searching online for a qualified Realtor – and with the extra goodness of serving those who have served or are serving – YOU MUST BE WHERE THE MILITARY IS, otherwise you are missing out on a one-of-a-kind opportunity that this Company offers you."

Jean Singleton - MRP

Don DiDonna Real Estate & Appraisals

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Wayne Hindmon - MRP California

Wayne is a Real Estate agent at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Roseville, California. He respects anyone and everyone who has been in the Military because most people may never understand the lifelong ramifications of what serving our country entails.

Wayne Says:

"I have never seen anything in my career that offers the services that this Company, Military Relocation Agents does. Under the umbrella of 'Military Real Estate Professionals' the sky is the limit for it to expand to Lenders, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Photographers, Videographers and every other team player in the Real Estate Industry who are committed to serving our Active-Duty Military and Veterans. This is a unique and exceptional service. It is not to be confused with a 'lead-generation service', rather, it is a personal Public Relations company that puts MRP's in front of potential Military clients which is where you need to be. Naturally, you will be found when a Military Veteran or a Military family is looking for you -  and it is up to you to prove yourself as an agent, like anything else. What's best is that when they see you - they get to really know who you are. With a beautifully written Press Release by Allison Sledge, YOUR story comes to life - in your own words. I don't have time to write a Press Release about myself, nor do I know how to structure it in the manner that it needs to be done properly. The bottom line is, if you don't care about promoting yourself as an MRP to the Military, then why would a Military member want to hire you as their Real Estate agent? It is often quid pro quo when it comes to dealing with this honorable and very niche group of Service Members who need to buy or sell a home and they need an experienced, understanding and qualified MRP in your area. I was very pleased in the way that Allison worked with me through the entire process and I couldn't recommend this service any stronger. It's simply the right thing to do as an MRP on all levels. As a 'Military Brat' I am honored to be one of the first to be a part of this great endeavor as an MRP serving the Beale Air Force Base Community in Roseville, California."

Phillip "Wayne" Hindmon - MRP
Coldwell Banker
(916) 230-6556

Jeanene McVey - MRP 

Jeanene believes that the brave men and women who are serving and have served our country are absolutely her favorite clients in the world. They touch her heart in so many ways and on so many levels because of their selfless dedication to protecting our nation and our freedoms. Jeanene works strictly with Military clients and is an advocate for all Military at all times. Jeanene owns her own Real Estate Company , Real Property Advocate Group, for that very reason.

Jeanene is so beloved in her community that her Military clients sing praises about her every day. Brent Rasmussen is proud to say, "Being a Veteran, I needed someone who was knowledgeable regarding VA loans, and who was helpful and friendly. My wife Kelley and I were impressed that Jeanene met all those requirements and more. She's an amazing Real Estate professional who truly works FOR you. We have used Jeanene to purchase two homes, at separate times, and her service was impeccable. We were blessed to have met her, and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the best possible house buying or selling experience available. Most Real Estate agents say they care about Veterans - Jeanene really means it."

Jeanene Says:

Holy smokes! Where on earth can you ever get such publicity as a Certified MRP - a Military Relocation Professional where the technological advances have allowed us to reach out to Military communities all across the United States and overseas? Remember just a few years ago when advertising in a Military publication on Military Base was $8,000.00 for a small ad that lasted less than a month? Now, the distribution company that Military Relocation Agents features, allows us to be seen on ALL of the Military Bases in the United States and around the world! - online - which is where all of your potential customers are!!!  And it is archived forever… Plus you will have more hits on your website when your Press Release is published than you ever had in the history of your website hits. I have the proof! In fact, two pre-qualified Veterans were sent to me by a national Lender because of my Press Release and I’m about to close on a third. Why? Because they read my story and connected with me. That built a tacit trust within them that they did not have with anyone else, which is important when a homebuyer or seller is looking for a Military Realtor in your area. I am beyond grateful to Allison for making me exclusive and telling my story that resonates with everyone who reads it!"

Jeanene McVey - MRP

Real Property Advocate Group

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